Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

As the first rays of the sun touched me this morning
I realized its the last day of 2009
Cannot stop the time it is running
I have left another year behind

Tomorrow will be a first day
A new chapter in life
I'll be leading my own way
And many pages to write

I don't have a control over time
I'll have to paint it with the colors that I have
Sometimes it will be bright and happening
And sometimes it will be sad

I welcome you Oh!! 2010
I know you'll have different plans
I pray to you to hold me tight
So that I'll remain what I am.

Sorrow , pain, happiness and Joy
Are said to be part of life
The thing that matters the most is
Amidst these how you SURVIVE

I wish you'll a Happy New Year
Full of happiness and without fear
Live your life the way you want
Be happy and that's what counts..(Sagarmani)

Monday, December 28, 2009

New Year---Searching Eternity

I look back to see when I started this year
Happy I was there was no single fear
Dream were being polished..but fulfilled.? No
Now I ask myself, where am I supposed to go?

Chasing my dusted dreams
There is no one to listen even when I scream
How long will I pat myself saying its Okay?
How long will my fake satisfaction portray?

My achievements which I have never touched
My cheerfulness which is withering away
My secret dreams untouched
How will I survive in the coming days?

Am I born to be a common man?
Sacrificing petty things in life
Am I supposed to live like this
Celebrating new years without light.

Darkness is has darkened the dreams
Streams has Ocean but I have not even seen
A single glimpse of where I'll be..
Searching in the endless eternity.(Sagarmani)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

I am a Terrorist

I have slaughtered my conscience
Stabbed my feelings
Strangled my desires and emotions
Hung my imagination
Butchered my compassion
Killed my mercy
Murdered my sympathy
Crushed my love
Decimated my kindness
Defeated my desires
Destroyed my dream
Exterminated my affection
Tortured my sweetness
Mutilated my tenderness
Slayed my thoughtfulness
Vanquished my heart
Massacred my brain
And I am here drinking blood...
Blood of the fellow humans,
Humans!!! They call me terrorist(Sagarmani)

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Drunken Destiny

Sometimes it is hazy
Sometimes it is dark
Sometimes it is dusky
Sometimes as clear as spark.

I am low when its hazy
Sad when its dark
Moody when its dusky
And active when there is a spark

Clear yet confused
Darkened with hope
Hanging with desires
No rope to support

I move along with my drunken destiny
Hallucinated and high
I live with my drunken destiny
In illusion I sigh.(Sagarmani)

Friday, December 11, 2009

My destiny is detained(Appraisals)

I have many dreams
I have many promises to fulfill
I have liabilities to exhaust
There is a huge castle in the air I have built.

My mom wants a diamond ring
Dad wants a share from my side for a plot
I want to invest some cash somewhere
I need to save, to marry my love.

My brother wants to go out for a holiday
He wants a pair of Reebok shoes
I also want a pair of specs for myself
I need to clear all my dues.

My hope has been cello-taped inside a brown paper
I may add a brick to the castle or do even better
I may even have to lie to my mom
Saying, wait until few more months.

My dreams are shut inside a brown envelope
I can just pray to God with lots of hope
Or I'll have to wear my old shoes that are torn
To save the money to fill up my examination forms.

My plans are detained inside a brown paper
I may initiate them or have to arrange for dates later
My destiny and fate is locked with a tape
I may smile or frown until then I'll have to wait.(Sagarmani)

Mother's Cry

She was howling and crying in pain
Holding her baby she was running in the rain.
No food, no shelter, she wanted to feed her hungry baby.
She was pleading for help but no one was ready.

She had rashes on her body.
She didn't bother the bleeding wound
She wanted to save her child
Who was gonna die very soon.

She didn't know if it was a fever
Neither she knew it could be flu
Helpless she was as she was never
She didn't know what to do.?

Cursing herself on top of her lungs she roared
She was saying
“God, please don't make anyone a mother,
If you have destined her to be poor.”

She could only sigh and look at the sky
Praying to god not to let her baby die.
Helpless mother, with all the love she had
Lay flat one the street with the baby on her lap.(Sagarmani)

Masking Death(Swine Flu Effects)

How long will you fight with nature?
How long will you hold your breath?
How long will you run away?
Run away Masking death.

You were warned plenty of times
You turned your deaf ears to it
You saw the green turning into yellow
But you always ignored to see it.

You saw the ponds filled with dirt
You passed by but never felt hurt
You saw people dying and crying in pain
It didn't matter to you, as you were not in pain.

How long will you ruin the mother earth?
How long?, you've be doing it since your birth.
How long? Stop it!! Our mother is wretched.
How long will you run away Masking death.??(Sagarmani)

Malsej....away from worries

Looking out of the bus
The serene weather and the cool breeze
hitting my cheeks
It was green everywhere
And the clouds dancing in their own rhythm
Flirting with the mountains drenched and wet.

The Golden rays trying to get a glimpse
Of the beautiful earth
Jealous and Envying the
Beautiful white waterfalls
Flowing finding their own way
Free and happy
To be a part of the mother earth
Like us splashing water on each other..

Free from worries, tension, work and pressures
Away from everything
Enjoying the every bit of little time
The life gifted to us.(Sagarmani)

Log off

I could feel the movement of breath
A sheer silence had fallen
The click of mouse and the keyboard keys
Roaring to my ears at sudden

I could hear a ring
Calling for someone in the corner
Some whispers flying through the wind
Personal message to deliver

I could hear the steel crying
Somebody might have dropped it hard
I could hear the printer running
and the beep of swiping cards

I could hear an ill throat cough
giggles in the washroom and sudden rush
I could make out the drawers shut
key chains singing when safely tucked

I closed my eyes for brain to rest
to gather the strength as it is stressed
The day was hectic and it was tough
Now its time to finally “Log off”(Sagarmani)

I have no choice but to cry.

Tender age with tender brain and imagination
I was given a choice by a complete stranger
Probably a friend to my father
The first question ever asked which I actually recall..

Who do you love the most, Mom or Dad?
I used to literally get confused
I knew I could have said “both”
The birth of a diplomat
But I said Dad as Mom was not there somewhere near.

Only to please him
Or maybe I liked the way he used to lift me in the air
And kiss me..saying I love you too
Same, I did when mom was around
And similar questions were thrown to me.
I was diplomat at the tender age
when they were together
I knew “Both” was an apt word

Grown up today, to realize
I love them equally
When no questions thrown on me
Far away..realizing
How much we love each other

But time..there is no time
I can hear them, see their pictures
Only to shed few tears
The expression of love
I know people say..Men don't cry
But I I have no choice...(sagarmani)

I blew up 28 candles tonight

I blew up 28 candles tonight
Coffined my past into memories
Some good some bad
Some wrong and some right.
The oldest thing I remember..
I was running away not to go to school..
My Mom chasing me..
She didn't want me to be a fool..
Ups and downs Sun and rains
Joy and sorrows Happiness and pain.
Today I am jotting down things
Tomorrow this will be a past..
Welcoming death and farewell to past..
Everything to perish nothing to last..
Nobody wish to die..
But no one can hold their breath that long
I celebrate as I have lived for 28 years
Tomorrow can be go where I belong
I blew up 28 candles tonight..
I may or may not the next year who knows..
I don't know if I am wrong or right
28 years will not come... they are blown

I am the Mother(How it feels-the loss of a son)

My dreams are shattered
I have lost the last hope to live
My lad died in the battlefield
Saving the boundaries, do you believe

I am forced to be a proud mother
Salute, flag and the gunshots in the air
But, does anyone realizes in real
Of a pain that mothers feel

I had nurtured him for nine months in the womb
I was the first one to hear him cry
I was the first person to whom he smiled
I was the one who made his nappies dry

He held my finger and learned to walk
Mama was the first word he learned to talk
I fed him blood from my breast
I rose up whole night to see him sleep

He used to cry when I left him alone
Following me where ever I go
I used to buy him chocolates and sweets
Still he pulled to ask for some more

I sent him to school and groomed him to best
I saved him from papa when he was depressed
I used to hide his faults and flaws
I love him more than anything in the world

He completed his studies he went for job
As an army man I couldn't stop
He sent me Sarees and bangles to wear
He wrote me letters with love and care

I was so happy, I had seen a girl for him
Beautiful, Sober and classy as queen
He had asked me to send a photograph
and I had quickly posted it to him

He had said its a surprise if he liked her or not
And here is a telegram saying he has been shot

I am a mother don't console me with awards
My son is dead I don't want a reward
I have grown old, I have turned Grey
God, call me up is what I pray(Sagarmani)

I am not a friend

I am not a part of any conversation
I am not the one to whom people share
I've no right to make fun of anyone
I have no one to love and care

I am only there to greet a smile
A brief talk standing for a while
I am just the next one who shares few puff
I am not a buddy for the time that's rough

I am just the next person
Whom you want to but can't avoid
My shoulders aren't for somebody to lean
Of tears my eyes are devoid

I am not the one who is hugged
In the times of pain and joy
I am not the one who is involved
at the times when all enjoy

I am not a friend a medium to wipe
when tears in the eyes falls
I am a common guy in the crowd
Who nobody likes to call.

I am not a friend
I am not a friend(Sagarmani)

Human Nature( A Hard truth)

I was the one who cried yesterday
I couldn't see my friends weep
I couldn't eat properly, couldn't see them go
I couldn't even sleep

But today I am grinning and smiling
Only to know I am safe
This a human nature, born to be
Can't even hide the selfish face.

Attachment, love, friends exists
Though, they are better than the ghost
But when, the question is about my own survival,
Its me who I love the most.(Sagarmani)

Encounter with Ghost

I worked till late in the office that night
Had to go home & had to catch a flight
It was almost one in the morning
I was exhausted and I was yawning.

I drove of my vehicle, the roads were empty
Listening to old songs, I was driving at ninety
The city had slept, only few vehicles were moving
I could figure out some stray dogs roaming

The silence was sheer as I looked out the mirror
A vehicle swooped & crossed me, had to decrease my gear
I suddenly stopped as there was a loaded truck ahead
Somebody knocked the pane I saw an old lady beg

I ignored her sight thought it was middle of night
People still begging this is the heights
I stormed on the empty road like a flying jet
Was thinking to myself I must not get late

I regained the pace, I could hear the windy sound
There was silence everywhere except some horn beeping around
I was enjoying the music, it was an old Denver song
I was following the same and was singing along

It happened to be I turned to my right
I was so shocked I couldn't believe my eyes
The lady I saw was still knocking the window pane
Begging at my speed I had gone insane

Next thing I remember I hit a roadside shed
I hurt my shoulder and I hurt my head
I woke up next morning I was all blood shed
Laying flat helpless in a hospital bed.(Sagarmani)

Going Away(fearing layoff)

I can't cry out loud
I can't even shed my tears
My brothers and sisters are going away
Leaving behind heart filled with fear.

We have shared joy and fun
We were together in the long run
But there is a huge cliff ahead
We can't move together but to spread

I have been holding my breath for long
Analyzing things and what went wrong
A while ago we were flying on the top of the world
Now, without wings, we are like a poor bird.

I can only pray to God, if you are really there
Help us all and take us out of this fear
I want to sleep, in happiness I want to scream
When I wake up in the morning please make it a dream.(sagarmani)

Far away from race....

Rolling and Dribbling
My life has lost its pace
I was amongst the one who ran
But now I am out of the race

I have had the glimpse of the end
The start was fabulous as far as I know
But, now I am right in the middle
Lost my path, I don't know where to go.

There were ups there were downs
There were obstacles very high
I utilized everything in me to overcome them
I didn't even let myself sigh

But now, I see nothing ahead
The path is easy but enthusiasm is dead
I don't know if I am lazy or I am bored
My desires are dormant, my emotions tore

I just want to diffuse myself
In the never ending space
Far away from everyone who run
Far away from every race.(sagarmani)

Ghostly Ride (Real Story)

He was a young lad
Speed was his passion
He owned Plenty of Cars
He used to attend his college
And run a Restro-Bar

He used to work late night
Usually closed the office at one
He used to drive with speed to home
On the streets there used to be no one.

It was one day he left at one
Had to pick up his mom from relatives home
He was alone and in speed, the roads were empty
It was dark and the speedometer rose to 120

It was a rough road secluded and pitch dark
A village near the town he couldn't see a single spark
He was in speed and saw some lady ask for lift
He had to ignore as he was in great speed.

Suddenly, he felt the lady might be in pain
He slowed the down the car and moved the reverse way
He could see from the rear, the lady was standing far behind
As he reached the place, he could find no one.

He was shocked and started to move ahead
The lady was standing where he had stopped at the first place
He dare to stop and asked the lady to get in
He turned on the music and started questioning.

Lady responded to few and was silent many times
He was speeding too as he had to reach on time.
He saw ahead he had to take an acute right turn.
Just to find the lady sitting next to him was gone

He was scared to heights he suddenly rose his speed
To be in the safe place as fast as he could reach
He was heading with the speed he never drove before
He saw the same lady waving hand near the drivers window.(Sagarmani)

Post Lunch Effects

I have stuffed myself with chicken and curry
And its high time that I need to worry
My eyes are drooping, I cant stop to yawn
But, I'll have to be here till the day turns to dawn

How I wish I was there in my bed
I would lie down as if I was dead
I would snore all the fats out
Until the chicken would come out and shout.

On top of that that today is Friday
Thank God at least it is not a dry day
The words are dancing the numbers and letters
I need to work have no plans better..

I am sitting here finding words to rhyme
Telling the story about post lunch time..
The clock seems slow somebody please check the cells
How I wish I was in school and rung a recess bell

I would be the first one to rush out of the door
Forget all my homework and the daily chores
My dad would force me to sit down to study
But, I would sleep off and care for nobody.(Sagarmani)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Saluting India!!

My Salutation!! Oh Mother!
I am proud to be your son
I promise I'll stand by you always
If all your children run.

You are crowned by The Himalayas
Your feet washed by the ocean
You heart is filled with golds and diamonds
Towards glory its always driven

I know you have been hit by bullets
You've been bombarded with bombs
I stand here to protect you mother
I will not spare the last breath earned.

Its you who have given the identity mother
Its you who have given us the name
I will sacrifice the last drop of blood left
But will never let you feel ashamed.

Oh! mother today I promise on behalf of one and all.
We will never let your glory fall
We will try our best to give whatever we can
Divided we will fall but united we will stand.


I am an unknown man
In this unknown world
In an unknown city
With Unknown destiny

With an unknown future
Unknown is my dream
The reasons are unknown
Unknown why I scream

My actions are unknown
Unknown are my deeds
The path is unknown
Unknown where to proceed

I am unknown to my neighbors
To colleagues I am unknown
I am unknown to my friends
unknown. if I really exist.

Unknown are my feelings
My cries are unknown
Unknown are my emotions
My smile is unknown

Unknown is my imagination
My dedication unknown
Unknown is my existence
To myself I am Unknown..(Sagarmani)

Going home

Amidst the snowy white mountains and the green hills
Lies my home where the love is filled..
I'll see my parents and the kids at play
After an year, I was praying for this day.

I called up my mom, she cried that I was coming
I know..the food I like she will be cooking.
My dad was happy too, he was counting the days
Waiting until I reach, to hug him and Lay..

On his lap as he will caress my hair
I'll see my mom from very near..
The kids will come as ask for their gifts..
Oh I am waiting for the day..I reach..

The heaven..where white stream flows..
If I am lucky I may feel the snow..
The aroma of the kitchen..I have not been eating here
My mom is cooking for me with love and care..

My childhood mates will rush to me.
They'll talk all nonsense and also ask me
If I have a girl..or am I going to marry..
It will be fun..they'll arrange for a party..

I'll not even realize how the days will go.
Time will run faster but the movements slow..
Again I'll be away..away from home..
Thousands of miles living all alone..(Sagarmani)


I am a creamy white tile
I have been hit all while
I have got bruises on my head but now it hardly feels
I have been constantly hit by the cruel high heels

You can hear the knock knock knock
With many sounds, specially the “TAK TAK TAK”
Nobody is at the door, Its not as you feel
Its the sound that echoes, the sound of the heel.

The Low Heel TAPS and the Flat heel drags
The Chunky heel slaps and the High Heel rags
The Kitten Heel scratch and the Stiletto Cracks
The Plateau heel seems sober but the Block heel is mad

Spool heel and the Pencil heel they poke very hard
If one of you would bear it I would give you a reward
The wedge heel is still bearable the Cone heel horribly slaps
If you hear a KNOCK KNOCK somewhere don't dare take a nap.

I am a tile I can bear it I am spread all over
The Heels are dangerous never think them to be sober
They tap, they slap, they will knock your eardrums off
You can use cotton, if you want to make them little soft.(Sagarmani)

Habituating Myself

I am habituating myself to live in sorrow.
Today is over but what would happen tomorrow.
Question of my fate knocks my future door
I just keep numb, I have no voice to roar.

I am habituating myself to live in minimal
Unwillingly, it was never my principle
The joy of luxury can ruin my basic goal
Others will be far ahead and I'll be left alone

I am habituating myself not to cry.
I may have to cry for worst and tears may dry.
The tears may take away the only smile
Sadness and pain torturing all while

I am habituating myself to analyze my way
Before there is darkness and I am left to sway
From here to nowhere or where ever it be
Trying to find my own identity.(Sagarmani)

Erased Soul

Bitter and painful why does it hurt so hard?
I had been trying to smile since long but the heart is torn apart.
Better I would feel had the tears flown all day long
But it is stuck somewhere in the throat, cant scream can't run

Aloofness is all I feel in the crowd
I was not like this and people were proud.
The sleeplessness has sublimed there are no stars to count
I am gazing in the dark listening to the silent sound

Thoughts and imagination have all dried
My feelings turned dormant I fear if they die
I howl at myself cant console the freaky pain..
Sun ain't sunny anymore, I don't enjoy the rains.

Am I playing with my own destiny?.
Am I trying to hide myself away?..
Why everything is so stagnant even thoughts and Imagination..?
Am I erasing my soul away?(Sagarmani)

Painting Pain

The silence prevails all over..
The sun seems to have eclipsed
I was smiling a little while ago
But now I cant even believe.

My faith, my dreams, my desires
Has lost all its grip
My life was a beautiful page a while ago
To a blank page it has been flipped.

I had drawn my happiness.
I had a dream I'll have a beautiful spouse.
I had painted my joy all over
Grinning, would live in a lovely house.

The fear has overpowered now.
The heartbeat has lost its speed
My muscles seems cramped, vision hazy
My whole body seems to be weak.

The page I had painted is washed away.
By a sudden unexpected rain
I am again left with a blank page
What, I can paint is PAIN.(sagarmani)

Why loneliness does not leave me alone?

Why loneliness does not leave me alone?
To tears and to pain I am prone
I tend to laugh but I am forced to hide my smile.
Why is sadness prevailing all while.?

I've forgotten everything I can..
But why the memories still scan
My brain..? I sometimes feel I deserve to grin
But why are hearts so hard to win?

Why everyone seem to be so selfish?
Indifferent they not even fear God..
Why aren't people bothered to wipe a tear
Or compassionate enough to give a hug?

When everything runs away from me
And I've no where to run
There is only aloofness and loneliness
Alone as my companions.(Sagarmani)

Monday, December 7, 2009

Adventures of Jolly – “Adventuring Hunger”

Jolly ran for his life. A stone nearly hit his head. He had no option but to run. It was raining outside and deserted. It was quite warm in there and the food was tasty too. But to his ill-fate, somebody saw him barking to a small kid. Jolly was inside the bin. Jolly knew he was cursed by his friends as he had secretly planned this trip to Mr. Patil's wedding.

He was a little puppy when a rag picker's son had named him Jolly. Then, all children used to run after him, hold him, feed him. (In those blissful days, the children played with him, shower him with love and fed him much more than his tiny tummy could hold.) He used to get a share of meal from the rag picker family and an old rug to lie down. He never missed to bark at any sound that would come up near the house. But, as he grew young and strong, his appetite increased and he ate as much as the rag picker . Rag picker's son was very fond of Jolly. The reason given by the mother was that she gets disturbed while sleeping by Jolly's barks. One day the father, forcibly pushed Jolly inside a jute sack and threw him to the carrier of a moving truck. Since then, Jolly's had faced many ups and downs in life.

Mr. Patil's wedding was not a surprise to Jolly. He had been observing the crowd at Mr. Patil's house for many days. Jolly visited the waste bin near Mr. Patil's house once a day. His friends avoided venturing into that bin because Mr. Patil was very particular about the waste management. He hardly threw any food in the bin. Jolly was in love with the bin because once a week he got to eat chicken. Mr. Patil's family was a vegetarian family. Every Wednesday Mr. Patil secretly ordered a whole tandoori to gobble up hurriedly and throw half of it to the bin, so that nobody comes to know about it. Jolly had not revealed this secret to anyone. Since, ten days Jolly has been eating a lot. His friends were pretty upset with him because he avoided going out to the dustbin hunt in the middle of the night.

Jolly was pretty upset that day as he couldn't enjoy the delicacy. Even though his tummy was almost full his mouth was still watery. He didn't dare to go back as he feared the stones. One hit and he'll fall ill for many days. Jolly decided to wait in the front gate until the wedding got over. The guest started moving out, one by one. It was a huge crowd. Mr. and Mrs. Patil also drove off along with their family. The house seemed to be empty. Only people to be heard were caterers and the pandal contractors. Jolly decided to move in but to his shock he couldn't find any food. The waste bin was loaded on a truck. Jolly couldn't do anything but see as the truck moved out of the gate.

Jolly ran with all his energy to see if he could find his friends so that they can chase the truck and figure out where the food would get dumped. Jolly ran faster than the truck and checked all the waste bins in the area but could not find anyone. He tried the last bin which was the common bedroom for all of them. There, he found all, sleeping, hungry. The bin was emptied by the Municipal guys in the morning. Jolly narrated the story to his friends. They were furious. Jolly apologized, he was genuinely felt guilty to see all his friends hungry. He lied down finding a space for himself in the corner.

BANG! There was a sudden sound. While all the others ran in fear, Jolly raised his head in alert to examine the situation. Every dog has his day and that was surely Jolly's. He saw a man pouring plenty of his desired garbage into the bin . Jolly ran and sat on the top of the bin smiling at his buffet. “Hey!”, he called his friends with pride, “The dinner is served.” While all the dogs began to eat, Jolly paused. Never had he seen the garbage being re-dumped into the bin. In astonishment he turned to looked at the man. The man hopped onto the drivers seat of a garbage truck and waved at Jolly.

The young boy who once gave him his name, gave him his dinner as well as pride today. The rag picker's son drove away.(Sagarmani)

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

26/11/08(Mumbai Terror Attack- Saluting Brave hearts)

The Brave Hearts with an open chest
Fighting for us and trying their best
They knew, people are waiting, their children and wives
But didn't care to die, just to save our lives

They might have not had their dinner
Cooked by their wives with all love
Children might have been waiting for daddy
Glancing at vehicles that drove

Mothers might have been praying to GOD
My Son returns home safe
The news of their death might have shocked her so much
Turning her numb without tears.

The friends might have planned to go out for weekend
Stress free away from work
They might have been shattered ,couldn't believe in
The fact that gave them a shock

As a father, he might have been dreaming
To marry his daughter away
To buy her sarees, jeweleries and a car
But he had to go far away

Fighting for life like dynamite
challenging the terror at ease
I Salute you O' Hero Oh! Brave heart..
May your soul rest in Peace. (Sagarmani)

Friday, July 3, 2009

The Drizzling Friday

As I walk down the road
Hands in the pockets
The drizzle softly whispering
And kissing gently
Healing the soul
Compelling to smile
Remembering the loved one

The smell of corn being baked
By the roadside vendor
Hot though tasty to the taste buds
Relishing and glancing around
With a hope I would find the one
To share the weather with

Humming likable songs
Murmuring to self as if talking
And she is right beside me
holding my hands
Splashing the clogged water
To run away laughing..

I wake up with a sudden horn
Day dreaming, the driver shouts
I smile back to him saying sorry
Confused he zooms away
Little kids off their schools
with cute little umbrellas
Pink and blue

The sky smiles
Self Intoxicated and very high
As sudden rays from somewhere
Kisses the earth to turn it golden
Blushing and engulfed by the dark clouds

I am mesmerized I am Lost somewhere
Thinking of you alone this day
Wish you were here to giggle and say
How romantic is this drizzling Friday..(Sagarmani)

Plain Chit-- A true story

There were four friends
Close to each other they lived paying rent
Studies, Adventure, they enjoyed it all
Never stepped back for each others call

One day they decided to play a game
Plain chit was what it was named
They would call a spirit and send it back
Following the procedures they gave it a start

They wrote in a paper, alphabet A to Z
Lit up a candle and let it blaze
In the middle of the paper they placed a coin
It was 12 in the night and were concentrating on a point

A paper with alphabet, candle and a coin upon it
Surrounded by four it was dark but the candle lit.
“Any spirits in here please come in to the coin”
They were repeating the lines again and again

Suddenly the coin started to move
The fingers touching the coin was not supposed to be removed
A guy was scared he pulled off his hand
To blow off the candle as he hit with his hand.

It was next morning the door was closed
What happened inside is nobody knows
Three days later a friend came and knocked
Nobody opened, it gave him a shock

He knocked the door and let the door bell ring
He peeped though the key hole but nobody was seen
He called up the owner thought if he could help
Both tried their best but was of no help

Cops were called the door was broken
Finally the door was swinging wide open
There was nobody inside only few things were seen
Paper, candle and coin shining in the beam.

The area was searched the cops used their skill
Two bodies were found in a near by hill
Two bodies were lost it is unknown till date
Are they still alive? or are they dead?

The door is sealed its covered by spider webs
Nobody dares to knock they fear their death
It has been years the door is locked
Always guarded by a weird looking dog. (Sagarmani)

Scary Hostel

I used to stay at hostel when I was in school
It had a huge dormetry it was pretty cool
We were hundred of guys in the same room
Warden was strict we had to follow the rules.

It was one night when we all were sleeping.
There was a friend of mine who used to talk in his dream
He woke me up in the night it was half past two
He was scared and he wanted to go to the loo

I accompanied him, I was standing outside the door
He was inside I could hear the commode roar
He flushed the water thought he would come outside
So that he would wait when I was inside

For more than five minutes I was leaning on the wall
He didn't come out & I gave him a call
I knocked on the door but there was no sound
I was wondering as I was looking around

I called him again I got no response
I was furious, to wait!! there was no chance.
I pushed the door very hard, and as it plunged
I saw, with rope to himself he had hung

I couldn't believe to my eyes, I was so scared
I ran hurriedly to cuddle inside my bed
I was horrified when I saw as I was sweating
My friend was on his bed and he was sleeping

I still wonder who woke me up that night...........

Lost Love

It aches, it hurts really hard.
When somebody you love goes very far
Unreachable, miles away somebody look into my heart
Its bleeding with a wound leaving a deep scar.

The laughs, giggles, those talks melted leaving a stain
I manage to smile, grin but can't hide the damn pain.
I distract myself I fake to myself as if I have something to do
But every time my eyes blink the one I see is you

I look towards left, I look towards the right
I stand, I sit but nothing seems to be right
I walk around, I try and murmur some songs
But its only your name the comes out of my tongue

I try and eat but the food ain't tasty
I take a nap there is no sleep thats nasty
I look ahead everything seems to be dark
Nothing to guide me not even a spark

I am down and low as my tears tears flow
My throat has dried up my steps has slowed
There is something hurting somewhere deep inside
Without you, it will be really hard to survive.(Sagarmani)

I am Killed

I thought I would live a little longer
I never knew I would get killed
The whole mankind seems to be selfish
Greed, jealousy, hatred is all that fills

I thought there is a bit of compassion
Kindness in the worst of hearts
But I can see only cruelty and fear
That will forever last

I thought the human was the only creature
That hugs when somebody is in pain
But they are busy kicking themselves
Brotherhood seems to have vanished in vain

I thought human is born with no barrier
His independence is his birth right
But I have seen throats being cut
In the name of religion as their holy fight

I thought I was in saints and sages
The pure heart without any greed
But I can see the worshiped ones are the worst
Money is what they all need.

My name is love.
Now, I remain only as a word
My existence has been slaughtered
By a very sharp edged sword(Sagarmani)

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Darker Days

The heart is turned heavy
Can't bear no more pain
My belief and faith has been washed away
By this first monsoon rain.

I had thought it would be a reliever
From the severe torching heat
But I don't feel the weather anymore
Nor I can feel the heart beat

I tried crying and out aloud
The tears used to flow with pain
But this rain didn't wet my eyes
Like a dew it vanished in vain

My throat seems severely choked
I am finding it hard to breath
The rain had a different lesson to teach
I was dumbstruck I just couldn't believe

Now I am like a swaying flame
Can blow off anytime it feels
I just can wait for the worst
I know there is no medicine that will heal.

I know I am doing good
Earning buck, they say I have a spark.
This monsoon rain has given me a message
The days ahead are dark. (Sagarmani)

Love Story

It was my first day in College.
I was properly groomed
I was searching for my class
As there were plenty of rooms..

I was reading the name plates
Hung above the doors
B.Sc-I read
Now I was quite sure.

I was among the first few to enter the class
I could've sat in the front but I chose the bench at last.
New faces entered one after one.
“There are no lectures today”, shouted someone.

Some seemed to be happy & some looked sad
Some started moving out and some ran fast.
I was sitting as the crowd was in plenty
I was waiting for the class to be empty

There she entered as gracefully as an angel
Her heels tapped the floor as she jingled her bangles
She looked at me, I near fainted with her smile
I fell in love, I was mesmerized all while.

She came near me, She greeted me Hi!
I nodded my head as I was little shy
I said there is no class today
“I know”, She said, “It will be a boring day.”

We checked out the canteen took few sip of tea
There were other new faces surrounding me
I greeted them Hi, they woke up to me
Introducing themselves from 1st year Zoology.

First few days in college, we felt happy and free
There were ten in our group including She and me.
The only group to attend lectures daily
We started to hang out over tea and coffee.

She never knew I had fallen for her
We were in a group and there was no fear
Neither did others know what I felt for her
I was in love then and for ever.

It had been almost a year and exams were near
She had given an interview to become a teacher
Preparations were on, we loved the group study
She was the intelligent one and I was a nerdy

We exchanged our notes and even our numbers
I was reluctant to call but she always remembered
We discussed studies over the late night calls
We used to study all day & in the night we recalled

Once I remember, we had planned out for a movie
Ten of us, we needed a break from study
Everyone were sitting in one row
She was next to me sobbing in sorrow

I made fun of her, she hit me on my back
We pulled each others leg, it was fun we were glad
Our group was same but I heard a rumor
We were the closest two amongst the others

Practicals were on we were dissecting a Crab
The crowd was in plenty it was zoology lab
A guy, shouted from her behind, “Congratulations to you,
I saw your name, you've cleared the interview.”

All were so happy, they hugged her with pat
I was unable to express as I was feeling sad
I stepped back, was smiling, but I couldn't show
How difficult the college would be, when She'll go.

Practicals were over we were preparing for exams
But we all met at every given chance.
One day we all were standing near the college gate.
Waiting for HER to come she was a little late.

She came to me, to ask , if I had mechanical tissues notes
I produced it right away as that would count on my impression votes
Five minutes later she came, and threw the notes to me
Took the same from other friend, her act was confusing me

I asked her why and she didn't reply
She stopped talking to me
I was wondering what I did
Thought will talk when I'll be free

It had been a week she didn't talk
I couldn't sleep I couldn't walk
I couldn't study I couldn't weep
I was sad and I felt weak

I decided one day, whatever it be
I'll go and talk and set the confusions free
I went to her and I greeted her Hi
She exclaimed “Good Morning!!!” as a reply.

I inquired the reason why she didn't talk to me
I am sorry if I have done something wrong to thee
She said, “I was in a hurry to go home that day”
You said, “Go, who've asked you to stay”.

I laughed to my content and I pulled her ears
“If this is a reason,” I said, “Don't talk to me for years.”
She smiled back, we started chatting again
After that incident more closer we came.

I was dead sure I had fallen in love
Had to tell my friends else they would kick my butt
I told a friend, he said, “ What are you waiting for”
Go and tell her before some other does

Frankly speaking, I had no guts
How hard he tried to tighten my nuts.
Suddenly, a plan stoke my brain,
To make her know my heart is in pain

I told a friend, “ You had come to my place.
You read my diary when I was washing my face.
You 'll go and tell her that you read my diary
Without my knowledge the news you'll carry.”

He went and told her that I was in love.
With her, so badly, he used his extra words.
Next day, I met her She was literally nervous
God forgive me, I shouldn't have done this.

Preparatory leave was on we were studying alone
We were not as close as we were before
I used to feel nervous and She also felt shy
We were like strangers I don't know why

One day I heard from one of my friend
That she has come to know about the plan
I was so scared as well as guilty
She would come home and slaughter my clan.

She stopped talking to me again as exams begun
I lost my faith as everything went wrong
She received a letter to join the job.
She would leave me here and not even buzz.

Exams were over she had to leave
My friends forced me to talk before she'd proceed.
They all walked ahead leaving two of us alone
I had to start, there was no other option known.

I said, “I shouldn't have done that
I should have made no story.”
She was calm, she was indifferent
Didn't listen to my sorry.

I said, “Hey I love you, but I had no guts,
Was scared, I'll lose you that is why I did, but...
Today I am in front if you as blank as a paper
Telling you, I love you, which I had said never.”

She said, “ I have never thought that way.”
Like a typical woman would say,
“I respect your feelings, they are pure
To get into relationship..I am not sure.”

I said, “I don't need movies, I don't prefer gifts.
I'll not ask you for kisses, your assurance is what I need.
I don't want to be a typical couple going out on date
Until I get settled I want you to wait.”

“You wont believe but from the first day I met
I have fallen for you and I can only swear
Today, I am here right here to beg
For your love so that my life would be best.”

I begged from the bottom of my heart
She said “ No, we can't get along, I'll depart”
She went away as I was looking at her
Sad and broken, I lost my first love.

I was sad but I was happy too
I shared my feelings' ch I never could do
I was satisfied, laying flat , I was grinning
Suddenly, I heard the telephone bell ring

It was HER, saying don't feel bad
We are friends thats the best we've had
We are close and the bonding 'll never end
We will spend our lives as best of the friends

We came close, closer than before
Where were we heading we both didn't know
Exams were over, she had to leave for her job
I would be far from my first friend in love

She had to leave tomorrow we all planned to meet
To gifts her stuffs and to congratulate & greet
They moved ahead again leaving two of us behind
So that we could spend some together some valuable time

I started, “Hey you're finally going huh!!”
She looked at me and said nothing much..
We didn't talk, walked all the way long.
I held her bag and she held my hand along..

A friend came & gave her keys with a huge smile
She said, “You guys go to my room, we'll catch you in while.”
We looked at each other we didn't utter a word
We changed our direction, started moving forward.

We climbed the stairs down, I was sad & bit upset
She was in front of me when she reached the gate.
She turned around, She smiled and She said,
“Hey, I think I should say, I think I'll wait.”

I smiled back but I was confused
Friends came back and clarified the words she used
It was “Yes” I finally came to know
I was blushing red and trembling from head to toe.(Sagarmani)

Bloody Death

There she stood still in the turn
As I drove the fog light was on
White she was wearing her body was burnt
It was twelve in the night as I blew the horn

She stood right in the front, I had to stop the car
She had lost her right eye and had a huge scar.
The windows were locked she came near to them
Banging like drums cracking the window pane.

She was screaming her mouth was wide open
One eye was bloody two hands seemed broken.
She rotated them 360 to bang on the bonnet
Blood spurred out as the fast falling comets

She suddenly stopped there was no bang anymore
I looked around the sheer silence roared
I was about to start I had to drive very far
I saw a shadow from the rear behind my car.

I turned around but there was no one
A relief but then I had to run
I thought I would accelerate to win the life's race
As I looked in the front she was there in front of my face.

The car zoomed up from the hill
Flying in the air I knew I was killed
It slammed on the rocks hitting the branches and the trees
I opened my eyes, sweating, it was a terrible dream.(Sagarmani)

Fate of my Nation

I have handed over my destiny
I have exercised my voting right
Tomorrow one of you will get the chair
Promising to make the nation bright

Many have come and many are gone
Its the speech that has the sweetest tone
When the time comes to work for us
You turn your deaf ears you'll know no one of us

The girls will be raped and borders invaded
The kids will die and cities get bombarded
You'll play a blame game its other ones fault
The terrorist who killed will file a case for assault

Youth will lose their jobs and you'll throw shoes at each other
You'll get your ample money why will you care for others
You'll cut some ribbons and hug some poor kids
My nation will not improve to degrade it you'll proceed

You'll consult millions to make a deal
You'll meet hundred times but will never reveal
That our fate is in the wrong hands no matter who
Again the time will come We'll be voting for you..(Sagarmani)

First Kiss

I had to leave the next day to morrow
She was sad and was in sorrow
I bid her goodbye assuring I'll be back
Wiped her tears and said not be sad.

She said she wants to come along to see me off
She had a house in the city and had to visit a doc
I couldn't say no and she came along
All day long we roamed around.

She gifted me a perfume, I wore her a ring
We both were sad that was the common thing.
The clock was rotating on its rapid pace
The day was dying the dawn winning the race.

We took a cab to drop me down
She'd see me off and go back to town
We didn't know when we'd be meeting next
Thousand things to say, we couldn't, we tried our best

She hold my hand as we walked the lane
I could hear the sound it could be my train
Her eyes were getting wet as we moved ahead
The train was standing we stopped our steps.

I threw my bag to the seat I had booked
I turned around, “Don't go”, said her looks
The train blew its horn I was standing at the door
It started to move the pain had no cure

She turned around and started to move
As the break squeaked letting the train not to move.
I jumped out and ran I didn't care if I missed
I hugged her & for the first time each other we kissed. real

Dead silence was roaring
It was dark and I was moving.
I was being hit by the huge water droplets
Being poured in surplus from the sky
I had to move I could not spare myself
There was no place to hide..

The hailstones stated to pour
Somebody was throwing the pebbles from high
The trees were swinging and branches were breaking
I was beaten up but I could only sigh.

I was returning from my tuitions
It was already pretty late
It was eleven in the night
I had to cross the graveyard gate

A narrow steep lane as I walked down
Pine trees were making the cracking sound
The mud was slippery I fell down several times
I had no torch I had to move in the dark without light

There was an acute turn I had to take
It was in the middle of the pine groove forest
The end had the graveyard gate
God's name was was what I had to take

As I took an acute turn
I didn't see the end I didn't dare to I bent down
I moved forward chanting mantras I knew
A lightning struck and now I could view

There was someone sitting in front of the gate
I could hear somebody crying in pain
The rain was so heavy yet the sound so clear
All my cells were overpowered with fear.

I forgot the mantras I stood there still
Hit by hailstones but I had no will
To move forward and to cross the gate
Of one those who were buried after they are dead

It was all dark I could just see when the lightning stroked
The creature there was not sitting it had already stood.
I was trembling in fear and shivering with cold
I could not move I was not bold

I had to reach home by hook or by crook
I ran with my speed I threw all my books
I crossed the gate didn't dare to look back at all
A human nature I couldn't stop it grew ten feet tall.

I ran for my life hard to survive
I slipped and fell but harder I tried
I reached home told the story to my mom
She told a man had killed his wife & a new born.(Sagarmani)

I miss you

I miss you when I wake up in the morning
I miss you when I sip the tea
I miss you when I look out of the window
I miss you when I am free

I miss you when I eat my food
I miss you as I knock the door
I miss you when my phone rings
I miss you while doing my chores

I miss you when its raining
I miss you when the sun is shining bright
I miss you when its cloudy and gloomy
I miss you when the weather is right

I miss you when I am low
I miss you when I am happy
I miss you when everything seems wrong
I miss you when I am unhappy

I miss you when I watch a movie
I miss you when I hear kids scream
I miss you when I see the chocolates
I miss you in my dreams(Sagarmani)

The Ghost that killed

He suddenly woke up while the wind banged the window
He had forgotten to close it before He slept.
As He reached to close the same, He saw a widow
She was looking at him as she wept

He was scared he latched and pulled the curtains down
He looked at the watch it was half past one
He could still hear her cry He peeped single eyed
She was looking straight to him, was furious as she cried.

There was no one at home everyone were out
His place was very secluded nobody would hear him shout
He switched off the lights, cuddle inside, his throat was dry in fear
He saw, curtains were raised, a huge scary face standing very near

He covered his face, breath increased its pace
He was in the epitome of fear and plight
He gathered some courage to pop out in solace
She was there right in front of his eyes

He cried out aloud He screamed he had to shout
He jumped off the bed luckily He picked up a rod
But she grabbed his throat and with nails she tore
He was lying in the pool of blood..(Sagarmani)

A Common Man Dreams.........

I have a dream as an every common man
Who works and sweats as much as he can,
Dreams which are bigger, bigger as ever
Hope to fulfill it, will set back never

I have a dream, to buy a car
A small land and a beautiful house
I have a dream to travel far
With my parents and my beautiful spouse

I have a dream to let do my kids
All the things which I never did
My dad is a simple man with his hard earned money
With lots of expectations from his young buddy.

My Mom wanted to fly up high
She wanted a diamond ring but dad couldn't afford to buy
He was spending all his money on his young lad
Waiting for a day to be proud and glad.

I know I have taken a lot dad
I did things which you never had
You sacrificed your dreams to push me on
Dreaming for glory from your own son.

I have a simple dream to do good to all
Remain happy forever till the death would fall
I have a dream and I'll thrive to achieve
Because dreams come true if you believe in it.(Sagarmani)

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Haunting Vacation....

I was on a vacation, I was not barred
I had to visit my uncle who resided very far
I left my place in the morning & reached there at night
The door was locked, there was no one at sight.

I was helpless, I moved around the house
In the servants quarter I saw the maid and her spouse
They gave me the key and said uncle was out
She said, “he will be back in the morning, but tonight, I doubt.”

I opened the door, entered the guest room in the right
It was raining quite heavily and there was no light
I lit up a candle and changed what I wore
I was feeling cold as well as getting bored

I got inside the quilt and leaned on the pillow
I was looking at the ceiling & the wooden floor below..
I looked at the watch it was twelve past ten
I cuddled inside the quilt and let my body bend.

I suddenly woke up with the knock on the window
I pulled up the curtain to see a white wearing widow
Simultaneously somebody knocked at the door
It opened by itself, I saw a face, rotten and sore.

I fell on the floor my heart was beating so fast
The widow was about to break the window glass
The next moment I see both were standing above my head
Next morning, I found myself lying opposite in the bed.

I woke up and inquired to the neighbors
The maid couple was dead was the news they delivered
Uncle had gone to their native with the dead bodies
It had been a week and at home there was nobody.

A Love story...

It was my first day in College.
I was properly groomed
I was searching for my class
As there were plenty of rooms..

I was reading the name plates
Hung above the doors
LLB-I read
Now I was quite sure.

I was among the first few to enter the class
I could've sat in the front but I chose benches at last.
New faces entered one after one.
“There are no lectures today”, shouted someone

Some seemed to be happy & some looked sad
Some started moving out and some ran fast.
I was sitting, as the crowd was in plenty
I was waiting for the class to be empty

There she entered as gracefully as an angel
Her heels tapped the floor as she jingled her bangles
She looked at me, I near fainted with her smile
I fell in love, I was mesmerized all while.(Sagarmani)

Dedicating Christmas (Mumbai terror victims)

I dedicate this Christmas
With all reds and Whites
For the heroes who are dead
and the ones who faced the fright

This Christmas is dedicated to the cries and pain
The tears of the Mothers for their Son's death
The howl for help echoing in the air
For bloodbath by bullets for grief and despair

I dedicate this Christmas for those mothers and wives
For their husbands death and their non-stop cries
For the empty streets and the silent roads
Hundred of dead who were named as toll

We've hung the balloons and lights
and we are also carrying a smile
You deserve the blessings you deserve the right
the celebration is for you for fighting the fright

The bullets the pierced the innocent hearts
Fighting the terror in the dark
The red here depicts the blood that spurred
And the light salutes your deed with spark

The white depicts the peace that prevails
Relief we got after the devils were dead
The green depicts the vastness of brotherhood
Thanking all, against terror who stood

I pray Santa, we need no gifts
Chocolates, flowers, balloons or sweets
I pray you go and console the soul
Who missed this Christmas and are there up above..(Sagarmani)

Fear..Live with it (After effect Mumbai terror attacks)

I was out for a movie yesterday
Has been pretty long and I had to clear my head.
The operation just over NSG took over in 2 days
Terrorist gunned down..after hundreds were dead

I bought the tickets I was waiting for a friend
Standing near the gate wanting the time to end
I happened to see container maybe was just a bin
filled with wrappers and plastics fitting in

A sudden adrenalin rushed in me as a vehicle drove like a storm
The bin may contain plastics and papers along with a bomb
I moved myself to stand in the rear
in a distance from the bin and I could see it clear

I was happy I was free I used to move around everywhere
But now the time is such I am bound to live with fear
Anyone can blow us up spurring the blood in the air
Happiness seems to exist no longer there is only grief and despair(Sagarmani)

A Prayer..

I pray, today O' Lord
not for the wealth and money
I pray for the revival of lost peace
for brotherhood and harmony

I pray not for good life
or for food to eat in plenty
I just pray to fill the hearts
with love as they are empty

I pray not for car and luxury
I'll walk until my last breath
I just pray for a helping hand
To wear this world a divine wreath

I pray not for pleasure
or things that gives me joy
I pray for the smile and glory
of every little girl and boy

I pray not for jewelery and diamonds
that glitters with everlasting shine
I pray for a change that would
save the deteriorating mankind

I can't pray for myself O' Lord
Selfishness has ruined this world
If at all you are listening to my prayers
Grant them for one and all. (Sagarmani)

I thought I would stop writing..

I have stopped writing..
my emotions are no more alive..
I am a dead soul struggling hard to survive..
I need no more praises..
I need no more pats..
I just wanna be loner
to the breath I breathe at last..
I am committing suicide..
I am gonna strangle my imagination to death..
Throw me flat in the gutter somewhere..
No flowers I don't deserve a single wreath...
I can't play with words anymore
words in turn are playing worst of me..
I bid goodbye to everyone
I am going back to the place where I used to be..

An outcry in fear.(Reaction to Bangalore incident)

I am regarded as a goddess
I am the one to who they pray
I am regarded as a deity
People come to me when they're afraid

People fast for me, sing for me
They walk for days with the bare foot
I am offered sacrifices from time to time
Depicting me as the lord of their roots

I am the women the gentle and the vulnerable one
Guiding the males when they are low and when they frown
I give them children and they give their names
I nurture and feed them with suffering and pain.

I am also your daughter mother
I am one of your citizen
I strive to protect you
and also protect my children

I am no more secured here
I am no more safe
Your sons are no more capable
They beat me rather and they rape

I am in fear
I am no more dear to them
Am I just a reproductive machine
to give them their children??

Do not pretend to pray
when you cant protect me
Do not offer sacrifices
your heads wouldn't suffice me

I seek for asylum
Somebody come and protect me
My countrymen are blind, I am a women
They just see a female inside me..

I seek for asylum
I beg for asylum(Sagarmani)

Sikkim (My Home Town)

Snow covered hills and the misty mountains
The white springs and surprising fountains
Flowers all over the valley red and white
The musical birds chirping day and night

Small tribal girl in the fields singing a folk song
It's a place of mystic splendor to where I belong

The chilly morning breeze
the golden rays kissing the snow
The Mountain, she blushes changing its color to yellow
The rainbow in the sky
and the sound of leaves falling in the ground
Warmth of smiling face always surround

The Panda and the orchids the stag bellowing in wild
The waterfalls and greenery will make speechless for a while
The sound of Teesta(river) heals, its color so pure
I get high with the divine allure

I miss my home, place I always want to be
Now and forever till eternity.(Sagarmani)

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Need you Mom..

Oh..Mom I really need you..
Your kid is depressed and low
I just need to lie down on your lap
and let my tears flow..

I just need your one glance mama,,
That look saying everything would be fine
I need your hand to caress my hair
I need the one hug divine

I have thousand things to say to you
Some good some are little bad
You are the only healer GOD has created
To heal when I am sad

Take me in your arms mother
I desperately need a deep sleep
I want to wake up afresh in the morning
Determined to move ahead and to proceed.(Sagarmani)

Broken Heart

Hard times eased to half
Just with your presence
The tear never drops
the power of your essence

A day seems like years
No one matches not even peers
I sit down I feel like standing
I lie down but I am not sleeping

I recall the days when you and I
Windows shopping and never tired
A bite from your hand made food even tasty
life was difficult you made it easy

Those laughs those secrets we shared
Those obstacles and the moments that scared
The healing touch when I was ill
The cries for my pain and the heart still

Those sms, letters those late night calls
The hands that reached before the tear fall
The castle in the air those beautiful dreams
Those warm hugs and sudden screams

The poems, lines, those songs and chords
To lose you I could never afford
But now you are gone leaving me alone
Life is no more easy it feels like storm.(Sagarmani)

Promising Myself....

I have lots to promise to myself this year
I need to move forward, get along with my peers
I need to exhaust few text
Need to dress my words with Chords
I need to stop taking a back step
I'll have to fight a noble cause

I need to rhyme my words
To touch the dumb and wise
And create a feeling for the mother
The feeling of sacrifice

I need to quit some odds out
And inculcate some good in me
I need to change the prospective
with which to the world I see

I also need to make my parents happy
They are expecting from this useless son
I also need to find an angel in disguise
rhyming forever for that special someone

I need to plan, I need to work
I can't stop round the clock
I need to Struggle, I need to run
To see the future full of fun(Sagarmani)

The Monsoon Greetings

The first showers kissed the mother earth
and the fragrance of the mud surrounds
The cool breeze smiled at me when I walked
The droplets teased me with their plop sound

I could see the little birds chirping and dancing
Happy to see the defeated heat
I could see the beautiful faces glancing
the horizon, grinning in retreat

The little kids were out on roads
Playing and singing as the vehicles drove
The Lovers sighed and missed the ones
to lie down in the divine arms

I could see the couples holding their hands
Thanking the drizzles that invited romance
I could feel the aura I could see the glow
For few minutes there was hatred no more.

As I walked down the road
Hands in my pocket and I briskly strode
The wind so cool touched my cheeks
Whistling in my ears the Monsoon greet.(Sagarmani)

Withering away

Withering away in the cycle of life..
somebody lives somebody dies.
am walking I have hold on my cries.
I could have yelled but nobody would rise.
I dribble down the road of of life..
Kicked to miss the goal..
I fly high up in the sky..
Heaven No where Heaven Now here

My Old Shoes

I was wearing a pair of my black shoes
Sitting on a chair with force I had to push
A little more effort and they were finally worn
But to my shock I noticed one of them was torn.

I recalled, I was a school going kid..
Kicking stones and I used to skid
I never wore a shoe that was torn
There was my dad to buy a new one..

I peeped through my wallet
I saw few hundred notes
I inquired to my cards
but there were balance no more
I asked my roommate if he can lend me some money
He said, “I am a still a student. Are you trying to be funny?”

I saw myself in the mirror, I glanced at my attire.
I said “You are kid no more & your Dad is retired.”
Its your turn now to buy a new pair for Dad..
Stick those with the glue and move out Lad.(Sagarmani)

Friday, February 13, 2009

A poem for sweetheart (Happy Valentines Day)

I was a wanderer
with shattered dreams
lost in an unknown path
you came as a boon
enlightening my life
liberating me from all the wrath

Your smile gave me a reason to dream
your charm made me build up castles
Your grace and divinity in love
Has lessened all my hassles

There had been quarrels there had been fights
I was wrong sometimes and sometimes you were right
There were ups sometimes and sometimes there were downs
But I am the lucky one to have you around

I had been busy I had been away
But for all seconds Its for you I pray
I was engrossed somewhere and there are feelings left due
But today I just wanna say I LOVE YOU
Happy Valentines Day.(Sagarmani)

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Encounter with Death

It was Sunday morning
I was inside the bathroom
Washing the clothes that I wore
Singing my songs
and rinsing along
As I was getting Bored

It was cold that Morning
I was thinking to myself
I'll bathe with the water that's Warm
I saw a rod that was hanging
and as I was pulling
A bucketful to dip it on

Rod slipped off its place
nearly hit my face
Got stuck on my wet hands
Current ran inside me
with jerks and jolts many
I was confused to sit or to stand

It was presence of mind
I could follow my eyes
the switch box to switch it off
I was trembling as freak
when my hands couldn't reach
To find out that current was leaked

The current hitting hard
and vibrating so fast
I moved to pull out the plug
But to my hard luck
as I moved forward
A jolt laid me flat on the floor

I shouted for help
screamed and yelled
Rod was now on my bare chest
My legs were bending
Memories were fading
I tried to recall to my best

My mom was the first one
followed by dad
Visiting mind of their dying son
My eyes were all dark
the end had its start
I could just lay helpless and ask

My roommate whom I heard
to call up Mom and Dad
To tell them their son was dead
the breath was slow
I could only know
My body had started to stretch

The door was locked
I had started to choke
My head was rotating around
There was a sudden jerk
To move me little backward
The plug came out was what I found

I happened to stand
with all force I can
to open the bathroom door
I collapsed the very instance
friends at a distance
my fingers and toes were all torn...(Sagarmani)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Are you ready????....

The sky will roar in anger
Jets thundering all night
Missiles may swarm into your doors
In the war for the right

Eradicate terror and live in peace
It'll not be achieved with an ease
Be ready to hear million more cries
Sobbing in grief, losing innocent lives.

The “BANG” of the bombs and bullets hitting hard
In the gullies, roads, apartments and boulevard
Bodies lying, heads about to explode
unattended rotten in a blooded floor

Cries of the loved ones echoing in the air
Helpless tears and heart filled with fear
You may lose your Mom & Dad, your daughter
The next can be you to be slaughtered

Havoc everywhere the earth will cry
If its WAR then don't be surprised
Be bold and strong and close your fist
Ready to die as a sacrifice for Peace(Sagarmani)