Tuesday, January 6, 2009

My Encounter with Death

It was Sunday morning
I was inside the bathroom
Washing the clothes that I wore
Singing my songs
and rinsing along
As I was getting Bored

It was cold that Morning
I was thinking to myself
I'll bathe with the water that's Warm
I saw a rod that was hanging
and as I was pulling
A bucketful to dip it on

Rod slipped off its place
nearly hit my face
Got stuck on my wet hands
Current ran inside me
with jerks and jolts many
I was confused to sit or to stand

It was presence of mind
I could follow my eyes
the switch box to switch it off
I was trembling as freak
when my hands couldn't reach
To find out that current was leaked

The current hitting hard
and vibrating so fast
I moved to pull out the plug
But to my hard luck
as I moved forward
A jolt laid me flat on the floor

I shouted for help
screamed and yelled
Rod was now on my bare chest
My legs were bending
Memories were fading
I tried to recall to my best

My mom was the first one
followed by dad
Visiting mind of their dying son
My eyes were all dark
the end had its start
I could just lay helpless and ask

My roommate whom I heard
to call up Mom and Dad
To tell them their son was dead
the breath was slow
I could only know
My body had started to stretch

The door was locked
I had started to choke
My head was rotating around
There was a sudden jerk
To move me little backward
The plug came out was what I found

I happened to stand
with all force I can
to open the bathroom door
I collapsed the very instance
friends at a distance
my fingers and toes were all torn...(Sagarmani)

Monday, January 5, 2009

Are you ready????....

The sky will roar in anger
Jets thundering all night
Missiles may swarm into your doors
In the war for the right

Eradicate terror and live in peace
It'll not be achieved with an ease
Be ready to hear million more cries
Sobbing in grief, losing innocent lives.

The “BANG” of the bombs and bullets hitting hard
In the gullies, roads, apartments and boulevard
Bodies lying, heads about to explode
unattended rotten in a blooded floor

Cries of the loved ones echoing in the air
Helpless tears and heart filled with fear
You may lose your Mom & Dad, your daughter
The next can be you to be slaughtered

Havoc everywhere the earth will cry
If its WAR then don't be surprised
Be bold and strong and close your fist
Ready to die as a sacrifice for Peace(Sagarmani)