Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Silence Screams…..

The Silence Screams…..

The silence roars out to the silent ones
SCREAM you dumb ones...
SCREAM and point fingers at the wrong that is happening
And the wrong that is being done…..
SHOUT at the Wrongdoers else
They will be ready any time sooner
To slice off your tongue to make you disabled...
Disable to raise your voice
And the Silence will prevail
Silence not of Peace but
An injury….
That will bleed and bathe the society
With negativity, corruption, depression..
The Silence screams though unheard to ears
But heard by eyes that witness
The diffusing silence of peace….


Friday, April 10, 2015


I sit blank…
The pointed knife of emotions piecing my heart
Which resists the wound to its epitome
And the tear oozes…..
Chocking the happiness, plans and the so called life
Points at me and laugh..
You boast that now you have everything to lead me.!!!
But where is the happiness? The basic ingredient.!!!
And I search in every nook and corner of my memory
Interrogating about where did I go wrong??
When did I last become relaxed and happy?
Where did I fuse the chord to living??
And there are flashes of memories
Which just chokes and tears no more
Realizing…I just Ran…Ran like a Cheetah
Striding the farthest steps I could..
Illusioned…that happiness is in the diffusing horizon
And I am just few large gallops away
Achieving it..
When happiness was just inside my heart..

Pierced by an imaginary sword… Sagarmani

Thursday, January 22, 2015



I know there ain’t no rain for pretty long time
Your strides dusts off the loosened mud
Your shining shoes are soon going dirty
With unexpected storms and flood
The plastics that dance in the windy air…
The papers and waste flow down the gutter
It is me who have been doing all this
I was supposed to make this world better..
But…I welcomed people to marbled floor
Welcome mat and expensive carpets
Repellents and air fresheners to lure the guests
I built my home admits the waste
Thrown by me……
The world outside no longer belongs to me
I have my beautifully painted walls
To keep me in illusion that I am clean
While the world outside is diffusing…
Into a planet full of poison.
Soon to collapse…engulfed by poisonous gases.
Nurtured by MEN..
I knew the world would end one day..

But never knew..we would murder it. (Sagarmani)

Monday, August 19, 2013

ALL HAIL INDIA (Dedicated to mother India

I am your common son, Mother
But being one makes me special.
I only have feelings for you
And these feelings are for real

I have not won gold for you
Nor have I won the wars
But, the feeling I have is true for sure
That what ever won is ours.

I have done nothing for you
Nor have made an effort to do
But the goose bumps I get when I sing for you
Is always meant to be true

I raise my head with pride mother
When your flag is above my head
You have given me an Identity mother
Without which, I am dead

But, now I promise mother
I'll at-least speak for downtrodden and poor
And if it requires me to stand against the corrupts
Like a lion I will roar..

My Salutation!! Oh Mother!
I am proud to be your son
I promise I'll stand by you always
Even when all your children run.

I know you have been raped by bullets
You've been wounded with bombs
I stand here to protect you mother
Your so called parliamentarians are numb.

Oh! mother today I promise on behalf of one and all.
We will never let your glory fall
We will try our best to give whatever we can
Divided we will fall but united we will stand.

So, I just cry out aloud

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sitting on top of the fort I pray...

Sitting on top of the great Tipu Sultan's fort I pray
Sitting beside the divine Jagadeswara temple I pray
For relieving the pain of the people who are in pain
For speedy recovery of the people who have fallen ill
For imbibing positive thoughts in the negative mind
For hatred to vanish and evolve the hearts that are kind.
I pray the doctors succeed at what they do
I pray for heaven for those who couldn't make it to
Survive in this world full of pain and worries
But inside the heart lies peace and glory
I pray to that God who is the supreme
To turn this world into a peaceful realm.


Monday, November 26, 2012


And I move on leaving behind the trails
that I never want to trace again..
I move on leaving behind the shadow
shadowed by useless pain
I move on seeking my true self
For I am untrue to my soul when I am hypocrite to myself
I move on on an unknown path; no trails to look for no clue to discover.
I am looking out for me
I want to discover myself

Friday, September 14, 2012

Sagar K Waves...journey with the team

They new sacred little faces when I first saw them..
They were curious and had lots of questions..
New bunch enthusiastic to their core
Blending with the experienced ones..
worked as never before

From the dawn to the eventide..
To the time it was pitch dark night..
Their courage made me move ahead
They gave me the confidence it is not self made.

Be it normal working or one with tight deadline..
They made me feel the work was theirs but success all mine..
And time when we all had fun..
Others envied and we rejoiced..
Why not??? because we put our heart and soul to whatever we did..
I know without me also you guys will be fantastic..
There are many things I'll miss after I am gone and in many ways..
But the most I miss will be "Sagar K Waves"