Tuesday, March 24, 2009

A Haunting Vacation....

I was on a vacation, I was not barred
I had to visit my uncle who resided very far
I left my place in the morning & reached there at night
The door was locked, there was no one at sight.

I was helpless, I moved around the house
In the servants quarter I saw the maid and her spouse
They gave me the key and said uncle was out
She said, “he will be back in the morning, but tonight, I doubt.”

I opened the door, entered the guest room in the right
It was raining quite heavily and there was no light
I lit up a candle and changed what I wore
I was feeling cold as well as getting bored

I got inside the quilt and leaned on the pillow
I was looking at the ceiling & the wooden floor below..
I looked at the watch it was twelve past ten
I cuddled inside the quilt and let my body bend.

I suddenly woke up with the knock on the window
I pulled up the curtain to see a white wearing widow
Simultaneously somebody knocked at the door
It opened by itself, I saw a face, rotten and sore.

I fell on the floor my heart was beating so fast
The widow was about to break the window glass
The next moment I see both were standing above my head
Next morning, I found myself lying opposite in the bed.

I woke up and inquired to the neighbors
The maid couple was dead was the news they delivered
Uncle had gone to their native with the dead bodies
It had been a week and at home there was nobody.

A Love story...

It was my first day in College.
I was properly groomed
I was searching for my class
As there were plenty of rooms..

I was reading the name plates
Hung above the doors
LLB-I read
Now I was quite sure.

I was among the first few to enter the class
I could've sat in the front but I chose benches at last.
New faces entered one after one.
“There are no lectures today”, shouted someone

Some seemed to be happy & some looked sad
Some started moving out and some ran fast.
I was sitting, as the crowd was in plenty
I was waiting for the class to be empty

There she entered as gracefully as an angel
Her heels tapped the floor as she jingled her bangles
She looked at me, I near fainted with her smile
I fell in love, I was mesmerized all while.(Sagarmani)

Dedicating Christmas (Mumbai terror victims)

I dedicate this Christmas
With all reds and Whites
For the heroes who are dead
and the ones who faced the fright

This Christmas is dedicated to the cries and pain
The tears of the Mothers for their Son's death
The howl for help echoing in the air
For bloodbath by bullets for grief and despair

I dedicate this Christmas for those mothers and wives
For their husbands death and their non-stop cries
For the empty streets and the silent roads
Hundred of dead who were named as toll

We've hung the balloons and lights
and we are also carrying a smile
You deserve the blessings you deserve the right
the celebration is for you for fighting the fright

The bullets the pierced the innocent hearts
Fighting the terror in the dark
The red here depicts the blood that spurred
And the light salutes your deed with spark

The white depicts the peace that prevails
Relief we got after the devils were dead
The green depicts the vastness of brotherhood
Thanking all, against terror who stood

I pray Santa, we need no gifts
Chocolates, flowers, balloons or sweets
I pray you go and console the soul
Who missed this Christmas and are there up above..(Sagarmani)

Fear..Live with it (After effect Mumbai terror attacks)

I was out for a movie yesterday
Has been pretty long and I had to clear my head.
The operation just over NSG took over in 2 days
Terrorist gunned down..after hundreds were dead

I bought the tickets I was waiting for a friend
Standing near the gate wanting the time to end
I happened to see container maybe was just a bin
filled with wrappers and plastics fitting in

A sudden adrenalin rushed in me as a vehicle drove like a storm
The bin may contain plastics and papers along with a bomb
I moved myself to stand in the rear
in a distance from the bin and I could see it clear

I was happy I was free I used to move around everywhere
But now the time is such I am bound to live with fear
Anyone can blow us up spurring the blood in the air
Happiness seems to exist no longer there is only grief and despair(Sagarmani)

A Prayer..

I pray, today O' Lord
not for the wealth and money
I pray for the revival of lost peace
for brotherhood and harmony

I pray not for good life
or for food to eat in plenty
I just pray to fill the hearts
with love as they are empty

I pray not for car and luxury
I'll walk until my last breath
I just pray for a helping hand
To wear this world a divine wreath

I pray not for pleasure
or things that gives me joy
I pray for the smile and glory
of every little girl and boy

I pray not for jewelery and diamonds
that glitters with everlasting shine
I pray for a change that would
save the deteriorating mankind

I can't pray for myself O' Lord
Selfishness has ruined this world
If at all you are listening to my prayers
Grant them for one and all. (Sagarmani)

I thought I would stop writing..

I have stopped writing..
my emotions are no more alive..
I am a dead soul struggling hard to survive..
I need no more praises..
I need no more pats..
I just wanna be loner
to the breath I breathe at last..
I am committing suicide..
I am gonna strangle my imagination to death..
Throw me flat in the gutter somewhere..
No flowers I don't deserve a single wreath...
I can't play with words anymore
words in turn are playing worst of me..
I bid goodbye to everyone
I am going back to the place where I used to be..

An outcry in fear.(Reaction to Bangalore incident)

I am regarded as a goddess
I am the one to who they pray
I am regarded as a deity
People come to me when they're afraid

People fast for me, sing for me
They walk for days with the bare foot
I am offered sacrifices from time to time
Depicting me as the lord of their roots

I am the women the gentle and the vulnerable one
Guiding the males when they are low and when they frown
I give them children and they give their names
I nurture and feed them with suffering and pain.

I am also your daughter mother
I am one of your citizen
I strive to protect you
and also protect my children

I am no more secured here
I am no more safe
Your sons are no more capable
They beat me rather and they rape

I am in fear
I am no more dear to them
Am I just a reproductive machine
to give them their children??

Do not pretend to pray
when you cant protect me
Do not offer sacrifices
your heads wouldn't suffice me

I seek for asylum
Somebody come and protect me
My countrymen are blind, I am a women
They just see a female inside me..

I seek for asylum
I beg for asylum(Sagarmani)

Sikkim (My Home Town)

Snow covered hills and the misty mountains
The white springs and surprising fountains
Flowers all over the valley red and white
The musical birds chirping day and night

Small tribal girl in the fields singing a folk song
It's a place of mystic splendor to where I belong

The chilly morning breeze
the golden rays kissing the snow
The Mountain, she blushes changing its color to yellow
The rainbow in the sky
and the sound of leaves falling in the ground
Warmth of smiling face always surround

The Panda and the orchids the stag bellowing in wild
The waterfalls and greenery will make speechless for a while
The sound of Teesta(river) heals, its color so pure
I get high with the divine allure

I miss my home, place I always want to be
Now and forever till eternity.(Sagarmani)

Monday, March 23, 2009

I Need you Mom..

Oh..Mom I really need you..
Your kid is depressed and low
I just need to lie down on your lap
and let my tears flow..

I just need your one glance mama,,
That look saying everything would be fine
I need your hand to caress my hair
I need the one hug divine

I have thousand things to say to you
Some good some are little bad
You are the only healer GOD has created
To heal when I am sad

Take me in your arms mother
I desperately need a deep sleep
I want to wake up afresh in the morning
Determined to move ahead and to proceed.(Sagarmani)

Broken Heart

Hard times eased to half
Just with your presence
The tear never drops
the power of your essence

A day seems like years
No one matches not even peers
I sit down I feel like standing
I lie down but I am not sleeping

I recall the days when you and I
Windows shopping and never tired
A bite from your hand made food even tasty
life was difficult you made it easy

Those laughs those secrets we shared
Those obstacles and the moments that scared
The healing touch when I was ill
The cries for my pain and the heart still

Those sms, letters those late night calls
The hands that reached before the tear fall
The castle in the air those beautiful dreams
Those warm hugs and sudden screams

The poems, lines, those songs and chords
To lose you I could never afford
But now you are gone leaving me alone
Life is no more easy it feels like storm.(Sagarmani)

Promising Myself....

I have lots to promise to myself this year
I need to move forward, get along with my peers
I need to exhaust few text
Need to dress my words with Chords
I need to stop taking a back step
I'll have to fight a noble cause

I need to rhyme my words
To touch the dumb and wise
And create a feeling for the mother
The feeling of sacrifice

I need to quit some odds out
And inculcate some good in me
I need to change the prospective
with which to the world I see

I also need to make my parents happy
They are expecting from this useless son
I also need to find an angel in disguise
rhyming forever for that special someone

I need to plan, I need to work
I can't stop round the clock
I need to Struggle, I need to run
To see the future full of fun(Sagarmani)

The Monsoon Greetings

The first showers kissed the mother earth
and the fragrance of the mud surrounds
The cool breeze smiled at me when I walked
The droplets teased me with their plop sound

I could see the little birds chirping and dancing
Happy to see the defeated heat
I could see the beautiful faces glancing
the horizon, grinning in retreat

The little kids were out on roads
Playing and singing as the vehicles drove
The Lovers sighed and missed the ones
to lie down in the divine arms

I could see the couples holding their hands
Thanking the drizzles that invited romance
I could feel the aura I could see the glow
For few minutes there was hatred no more.

As I walked down the road
Hands in my pocket and I briskly strode
The wind so cool touched my cheeks
Whistling in my ears the Monsoon greet.(Sagarmani)

Withering away

Withering away in the cycle of life..
somebody lives somebody dies.
am walking I have hold on my cries.
I could have yelled but nobody would rise.
I dribble down the road of of life..
Kicked to miss the goal..
I fly high up in the sky..
Heaven No where Heaven Now here

My Old Shoes

I was wearing a pair of my black shoes
Sitting on a chair with force I had to push
A little more effort and they were finally worn
But to my shock I noticed one of them was torn.

I recalled, I was a school going kid..
Kicking stones and I used to skid
I never wore a shoe that was torn
There was my dad to buy a new one..

I peeped through my wallet
I saw few hundred notes
I inquired to my cards
but there were balance no more
I asked my roommate if he can lend me some money
He said, “I am a still a student. Are you trying to be funny?”

I saw myself in the mirror, I glanced at my attire.
I said “You are kid no more & your Dad is retired.”
Its your turn now to buy a new pair for Dad..
Stick those with the glue and move out Lad.(Sagarmani)