The butterflies hovering in the stomach
A leaping front foot six
No eyes would blink for even a second
To the TV they will be fixed.
As the stadium will roar in delight, so will we
Sachin at his best as always and so is Yuvi
India is at war and we have the best soldiers in
You may have knights and samurais
But we have the King
He and his kinsmen, YOU beware
Will devastate YOU in the field
I swear you'll not be spared
You'll be brutally killed
And the taste of Victory will glow
On the every Indian face
In the form of tears and smiles
We know we are far ahead in the race.
And the People will shout and they will dance
The moment very rare they'll not miss a chance
The crackers will burst and glitter the sky
For that one moment, every Indian will smile. JAI HIND(Sagarmani)