Thursday, August 30, 2012

As I bid Goodbye……

As I walk around the floor

I can actually breathe my memories.

The workstations where I spent my months and years

Friends and Colleagues I spent most of my days with.

The smiling faces and the morning greets.

The team lunches and the punishment treats

My heart feel s heavy..

I had some bad times too but they just seem to fade away

And the happy moments linger around..

As if I can see those who have already left

And the new ones.. like I have known them for years.

The dark nights where the keyboards sung.

The song of victory..

The joy in our faces when we delivered our work

The tap of the heels hitting the floor..

The noise that peeps in from the Cafeteria door..

The celebrations and our dear team

The liquor that spoke and those team outings..

Arguments and discussions where ideas were shared

The environment so perfect you’ll find it rare..

And I still walk until I walk out the door..

To capture as much as I can for my memories to show..

All the good times when I’ll be down and low..

I will miss you all but it is time to go..

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Planet Jupiter

Revolving and Rotating along with the planet

We've seen sunrise(working early) and sunsets(Working late night)

Creating our own orbit(targets) and the imaginary line( tentative deadlines)

We all are heading towards the deadline.

Where planet will stop its revolutions for a while

To see its inhabitants grin and smile

We all like the stars lead by the moons(team leads)

We twinkled to our best be it morning or the noon

There were giant chunks of gases( documents)

Our astronomers(custodians) very smart

Guided by the discoverer (Rajesh) we could cross them all at last.

The Galileo(Blake) discovered the potential in us

Who guided us till date from the first

Now the rotation and revolution will soon come to stop

To start up again with a huge push and jolt. (Sagarmani)

Dreaming my undreamt desire

Desiring about what I dream and

Dreaming about what I desire..

I am running through a never ending road..

Dreams so far, desire so close

Desire so far, dream so close..

With the click of every second which turns into minutes and then hours

I have passed my years

And when I look back

It seems like right now

It seems like years..

But the second still clicks the same way

It has been doing for years

From the day I was born..

Born for a reason..

But I am still longing for that reason

Desiring and dreaming..

Striding straight, galloping and chasing

My undreamed destiny

With my dreamed desire. (Sagarmani)

Chasing Targets

When I was born I knew nothing

I was taught to chase the dreams.

To chase the rank in class

To stand 1st in all.

I ran with all my energy..

My legs were tired I pushed them hard

I chased the toppers one and all

I could never meet them.

I completed my school

I chased my career

I chased my love, I chased my dreams

running behind them all

I am still chasing the destination

I am chasing to clear the confusion

I am chasing to find my way out

Chasing the clue, I am chasing the key

to open the door and shout.

I am still chasing with my thoughts

with my words not knowing what I want

Here I am chasing the targets at work

I am not doing any stunts

I am still chasing...Chasing the targets

Mindcrest Family (Some years ago)

I am here telling you a story
Of a family and how they lived happily
With 18 children and all at par
Some are near and some little far(Mumbai)

Spartans is a dominant soldier (Raj Kumar Balmiki's team)
He dominates the work at ease
Titanz rules as powerful deity (Vinayak Patil)
His energy will make you freeze

Adroit is known for her cleverness (Ketaki bapat)
witty and abrupt all time
Curia Regis is counsel in herself (Deepti Joshi)
Whatever she does is fine

Synergy has a magical bonding (Sumeet Kumar)
He connects a brain to brain
Stalwarts is the strongest as ever (N.Sandhya)
You'll never notice her strain

Phoenix is auspicious and sacred (Ambika Mohite)
She is dedicated and she is wise
Maverick is an independent thinker (Roushan Verma)
Innovative with ideas that strike

Orion is bright as always (Amit Jha)
Glittering with knowledge as stars
Zenith has a habit of rising up high (Suresh Kumararaj)
Fighting obstacles and defeating the scars

Invincible is a winner since born (Kanak Naik)
Undefeated, he is the brain that fights
Zeal is an inspiration in herself (Purvi Soni)
Destination is what she has in sight

Tantra unfolds her magical charm (Sonal Gaundalkar)
mesmerizing with aura around
Blaze, she spreads her warmth all over (Karen Diaz)
with knowledge that is profound
Visharad is the Master in himself (Gopa Nair)
Ascetic, a sage when born
Vedanta has her last words that mends (Deepa Amre)
confusions and the brains that are torn

Nemesis is the ultimate winner (Gaurav Bali)
Triumph is what he always see
We have a new sister, Trinita (Bhakti Naik)
Humble, smart and sharp is thee.

Eloquent(Other serviceline) brother is always there
Far he seem but still near
Cracking his head he moves ahead
Emancipating yet bonded to spread knowledge

Eighteen, Samaritans they've been
Working for hours and happy they seem
The Mother Mindcrest, she smiles, she grins
Proud of her heroes, who are superb human beings.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012



As Goodbye rests on my eyelids

And the lump that I have been carrying for long

My heart chokes but I console

I am moving to where I belong

I still remember my first day

AC was high and I was little shy

A huge floor where I was destined to write my destiny

And I started to scribble from the very first day.

With time..I grew and I was scribbling

I achieved and was scribbling

I was drunk many times and was scribbling

I was high and was scribbling.

The late night tagging and our team was like bunch of friends

Determined to achieve every-time.

Nothing could stop us..nothing

And we achieved and we shared the joy

The joy of being together.

I spent most of my time with you guys

The Pizzas and the curry

Happiness prevailing and sublimed worries.

The every faces I smiled to everyday

Every person I greeted Hi!!!

I must tell you deep from my heart

It is indeed difficult to say goodbye.

I know I'll not be able to enter again

When I will swipe myself out

Am I scribbling I??

My heart and my mind will shout.

And I will open the of my heart

Book that I scribbled for 5 long years

Just to find that I painted my memories..

Memories to long for and cheer!!!!