Monday, August 19, 2013

ALL HAIL INDIA (Dedicated to mother India

I am your common son, Mother
But being one makes me special.
I only have feelings for you
And these feelings are for real

I have not won gold for you
Nor have I won the wars
But, the feeling I have is true for sure
That what ever won is ours.

I have done nothing for you
Nor have made an effort to do
But the goose bumps I get when I sing for you
Is always meant to be true

I raise my head with pride mother
When your flag is above my head
You have given me an Identity mother
Without which, I am dead

But, now I promise mother
I'll at-least speak for downtrodden and poor
And if it requires me to stand against the corrupts
Like a lion I will roar..

My Salutation!! Oh Mother!
I am proud to be your son
I promise I'll stand by you always
Even when all your children run.

I know you have been raped by bullets
You've been wounded with bombs
I stand here to protect you mother
Your so called parliamentarians are numb.

Oh! mother today I promise on behalf of one and all.
We will never let your glory fall
We will try our best to give whatever we can
Divided we will fall but united we will stand.

So, I just cry out aloud

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Sitting on top of the fort I pray...

Sitting on top of the great Tipu Sultan's fort I pray
Sitting beside the divine Jagadeswara temple I pray
For relieving the pain of the people who are in pain
For speedy recovery of the people who have fallen ill
For imbibing positive thoughts in the negative mind
For hatred to vanish and evolve the hearts that are kind.
I pray the doctors succeed at what they do
I pray for heaven for those who couldn't make it to
Survive in this world full of pain and worries
But inside the heart lies peace and glory
I pray to that God who is the supreme
To turn this world into a peaceful realm.