Friday, July 3, 2009

The Drizzling Friday

As I walk down the road
Hands in the pockets
The drizzle softly whispering
And kissing gently
Healing the soul
Compelling to smile
Remembering the loved one

The smell of corn being baked
By the roadside vendor
Hot though tasty to the taste buds
Relishing and glancing around
With a hope I would find the one
To share the weather with

Humming likable songs
Murmuring to self as if talking
And she is right beside me
holding my hands
Splashing the clogged water
To run away laughing..

I wake up with a sudden horn
Day dreaming, the driver shouts
I smile back to him saying sorry
Confused he zooms away
Little kids off their schools
with cute little umbrellas
Pink and blue

The sky smiles
Self Intoxicated and very high
As sudden rays from somewhere
Kisses the earth to turn it golden
Blushing and engulfed by the dark clouds

I am mesmerized I am Lost somewhere
Thinking of you alone this day
Wish you were here to giggle and say
How romantic is this drizzling Friday..(Sagarmani)

Plain Chit-- A true story

There were four friends
Close to each other they lived paying rent
Studies, Adventure, they enjoyed it all
Never stepped back for each others call

One day they decided to play a game
Plain chit was what it was named
They would call a spirit and send it back
Following the procedures they gave it a start

They wrote in a paper, alphabet A to Z
Lit up a candle and let it blaze
In the middle of the paper they placed a coin
It was 12 in the night and were concentrating on a point

A paper with alphabet, candle and a coin upon it
Surrounded by four it was dark but the candle lit.
“Any spirits in here please come in to the coin”
They were repeating the lines again and again

Suddenly the coin started to move
The fingers touching the coin was not supposed to be removed
A guy was scared he pulled off his hand
To blow off the candle as he hit with his hand.

It was next morning the door was closed
What happened inside is nobody knows
Three days later a friend came and knocked
Nobody opened, it gave him a shock

He knocked the door and let the door bell ring
He peeped though the key hole but nobody was seen
He called up the owner thought if he could help
Both tried their best but was of no help

Cops were called the door was broken
Finally the door was swinging wide open
There was nobody inside only few things were seen
Paper, candle and coin shining in the beam.

The area was searched the cops used their skill
Two bodies were found in a near by hill
Two bodies were lost it is unknown till date
Are they still alive? or are they dead?

The door is sealed its covered by spider webs
Nobody dares to knock they fear their death
It has been years the door is locked
Always guarded by a weird looking dog. (Sagarmani)

Scary Hostel

I used to stay at hostel when I was in school
It had a huge dormetry it was pretty cool
We were hundred of guys in the same room
Warden was strict we had to follow the rules.

It was one night when we all were sleeping.
There was a friend of mine who used to talk in his dream
He woke me up in the night it was half past two
He was scared and he wanted to go to the loo

I accompanied him, I was standing outside the door
He was inside I could hear the commode roar
He flushed the water thought he would come outside
So that he would wait when I was inside

For more than five minutes I was leaning on the wall
He didn't come out & I gave him a call
I knocked on the door but there was no sound
I was wondering as I was looking around

I called him again I got no response
I was furious, to wait!! there was no chance.
I pushed the door very hard, and as it plunged
I saw, with rope to himself he had hung

I couldn't believe to my eyes, I was so scared
I ran hurriedly to cuddle inside my bed
I was horrified when I saw as I was sweating
My friend was on his bed and he was sleeping

I still wonder who woke me up that night...........

Lost Love

It aches, it hurts really hard.
When somebody you love goes very far
Unreachable, miles away somebody look into my heart
Its bleeding with a wound leaving a deep scar.

The laughs, giggles, those talks melted leaving a stain
I manage to smile, grin but can't hide the damn pain.
I distract myself I fake to myself as if I have something to do
But every time my eyes blink the one I see is you

I look towards left, I look towards the right
I stand, I sit but nothing seems to be right
I walk around, I try and murmur some songs
But its only your name the comes out of my tongue

I try and eat but the food ain't tasty
I take a nap there is no sleep thats nasty
I look ahead everything seems to be dark
Nothing to guide me not even a spark

I am down and low as my tears tears flow
My throat has dried up my steps has slowed
There is something hurting somewhere deep inside
Without you, it will be really hard to survive.(Sagarmani)

I am Killed

I thought I would live a little longer
I never knew I would get killed
The whole mankind seems to be selfish
Greed, jealousy, hatred is all that fills

I thought there is a bit of compassion
Kindness in the worst of hearts
But I can see only cruelty and fear
That will forever last

I thought the human was the only creature
That hugs when somebody is in pain
But they are busy kicking themselves
Brotherhood seems to have vanished in vain

I thought human is born with no barrier
His independence is his birth right
But I have seen throats being cut
In the name of religion as their holy fight

I thought I was in saints and sages
The pure heart without any greed
But I can see the worshiped ones are the worst
Money is what they all need.

My name is love.
Now, I remain only as a word
My existence has been slaughtered
By a very sharp edged sword(Sagarmani)