Monday, May 23, 2011

Hometown Melody

Hibernating in thought, I sing the hometown melodies
I try and color the pain
I dance to my own chords and sing the songs
Songs of hope and songs in the rain
My childhood buddies, chuckling by the railing in the evening
Stories after stories.laughing and making fun
Pulling legs and pat good night
Walk towards the dwelling
Singing the hometown melody
The warm blanket and a pillow..
It is quite old but I like it.Dunno why.
And the lights are off
And I dream..humming the hometown melody
The Morning sun..Hot cup of tea
Breakfast cooked and everything is ready
Dad, Mom and Kids we all dine
Together and I get a kick
Kick of a hometown melody
The birds chirp and my dog barks
The wild fox cries in the wild
A fairy tale, Yes one of its kind
Implanted on my hibernated mind.
I stride along the path, winging my dreams
Hometown melody I humm and hometown melody I sing.(Sagarmani)