Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I could hear the sound of the wind
The window pane was tapping hard
The sky outside was dark and cloudy
My dog continuously barked

Sudden thunder and lightening threw a spark
The electricity got fused it was pitch dark
The rain started pouring I knew it won't stop
It was half past two in the morning and I heard a knock

I opened the door and I looked outside
My dog was guarding me, he was right beside
I closed the door, I was scared to death
I ran inside thought I would cuddle in my bed

There, I saw somebody lying on my bed
Huge height and a long hair, I was cold as if dead
I couldn't move and I stood still
My dog started barking and I whispered him to chill

And all of a sudden it woke up, my dog ran away in fear
It came closer to me, it had a weird looking beard
"My name is Hagrid", he said, I stumbled to scream
Pleased to wake up from Harry Potter's dream.

(I had been reading Harry Potter books those days) Sagarmani

When four chirpy birds chirp near my workstation.

When four chirpy birds chirp near my workstation
It feels like a sale market and a simili to a railway station
From chicken recipies to a sigle flower in a bouquet
From the ghost and tattoos to badminton rackets.

They plan dinner during the breakfast time
And prefer adding sugar in the lime
They complain but never about time
And for my ears it is an interesting mime

Serial killers, suicide points, bitter gourd with typical smell
Dogs, cats, weird frog or prawns or snails with shell
They discuss Goa, Kolkatta and the blankets and rugs
Real estate, Paris Labrador and pugs

Chicken, mutton, potato and cabbage
Diet plans, weight issues, gyms and money racket
Cricket, Dhoni, Ambani and Antilla,
Beer, Breezer, whiskey and tequilla.

Shahrukh, Brad Pitt, Popeye or Spongy Bob
Madhuri, Angelina and the American George
Lalu, Prince, Commandos and Pune fair
Preserve these birds these species are rare.

I wished there was an end of topics in this world
They straighten their hair and also like it curled
Log off time, they are ready to run out off the door
Managing work as well resting by the sea shore.

(Dedicated to Jhuma Mahapatra, Pranali Fadte, Shailaja MP, Ujjvala Padhye)

As the friday dusk winks at me

As the week says goodbye
I thank god and close my eyes
The alarm won't ring, there wont be targets to chase
I'll get time for myself, my cells will go to rest.

I'll dance with the twilight and I'll romance with the dawn
I may wake up all night and sleep when it is morn
As the friday dusk winks at me
I rejoice, its now the time, time to be me.

I know I have seen many weekend eventide
But, everytime it is fresh new and alive
I also know I'll be up during sunup on Monday
But, well it can't be hid, the feeling for Friday(Sagarmani)

The Indain Jugad Technology

The batteries are exhausted
Bite them, it will work for another few days..Jugad
The cooker lid is not functioning properly
Fold a paper and sandwidch it between the lid and the base....Jugad
The computer screen is changing its color frequently
Kick the UPS, the color will be normal....Jugad
The iron has got a black stain and it sticks to the clothes
Peel it off with the vegetable knife..will work for months..Jugad
Pen is not working bought it few days back
Rub the refill between your palms, it will never stop..Jugad
Cooking cylinder is empty, tilt it on the floor
It works, will atleast cooked your uncooked meal...Jugad
The shampoo bottle is empty, keep it up side down
You can atleast use it for two more wash...Jugad
You wake up in the morning and there is no tooth paste
Cut the tube from the base and use it...Jugad
Use the washroom in emergeny and there is no water or toilet paper
Newspapers, it works...Jugad
The Postal stamp is not sticking properly
Lick it, it sticks....Jugad
Repair we Indians do not believe in
No worries, so waht we are the third world in other technology
We don't waste..we are superpower in Jugad Technology.(Sagarmani)

Sleepy Cells....

My cells are turning lazy
Forcing my eyes to droop
Sitting and standing ain't helping
Only the long nap could do

I stretched my arms ain't helping
I washed my face ain't helping
Coffee and tea has turned my stomach full
Even walking ain't helping but I know sleep would do.

I try to talk but I yawn
I try and laugh but the cells mourn
Muscles ain't moving they seem to be on a strike
A sleep could help but there is no place to hide

I even ran down the steps the legs refused
Dragged few puffs it got diffused
Intoxicated they are the lazy ones, impossible to wake'em up
A sleep would indeed do but I can't stop the work(Sagarmani)

When I saw an angel..

She smiled and greeted me Hi!!!!!
I was nervous and a little shy
She was graceful and elegant, her voice was so sweet
It was just her I saw as the swipe cards beeped

She smiled and I couldn't breathe
Her eyes were the ones that killed
She had a long hair and she was tall
I nearly fell and collided to the wall.

I said to myself maybe this is a dream
She shined like a snow the glowed with beam
I thanked God, He mad my day
I saw an angel by the office bay.(Sagarmani)

When my memory takes a pause

I don't know how fast the time passed by
You are happy in your world and you've found a right guy.
I know he keeps you happy and he makes you smile,
But, there are times when my memory pauses for a while.

To find that you are dancing in the rain,
And you're laughing like an insane
The way you threw my umbrella, to be hit by strong breeze,
Like free birds walking down the college street.

Those lonely nights, when there was thunder and strom
We sent messages, I knew you were scared, I had to console
And the way you wept for silly little things
How I wish I could fly back with some special wings.

The hours we spent staring at the evening sky
We spoke nothing but I knew you were mine
And those slow walks discussing and planning our dreams
As the sun went sown with the dancing sunbeams.

And the last time you said goodbye
I knew it was not easy for you, I saw tears in your eyes
And I saw you go, till you sublimed
A road to solitude waiting for me to miss you all the time.(Sagarmani)

Diwali Blues

The fire crackers were dancing in the sky,
Kids were running and the elders smiled,
Somewhere in the corner were the hearts that sobbed,
Same time last year; they had lost their job.

It came out of nowhere, they had no say in it
They were moved out of office, I saw them crying in the lift
Festival of lights, all were supposed to rejoiced
They sobbed all night, they has no choice

And when I recall the day today
It was horrifying, nobody knew it was us or they
A gentel request was made to get up from the desk
Escorted till the door and whole career was at risk

Diwali does not bring sadness, it always brings joy
This year I met them they were indeed carrying a smile
Life has its role to play, sometimes hard and dark
Only to bring back happiness and glow the world with spark.(Sagarmani)

Monday, December 13, 2010

BONJO- my dog

Blessed with the droopy eyes
He like bitter gourd to fries
He opens the refrigirator and serves himself his milk
He hates the cold floor, prefers to lie down on silk
He is intelligent, grabs ball, bone and his frisbee
He sits down as instructed, stands and sleeps indeed
He shakes hand and gives high five provided he is enticed by food
Else he'll run around messing up, in every possible way he could.
He likes beer too, bottoms it up at one go
He snores like a filthy drunkard when he know's he can't have more
He is hygenic does not enter the bathroom if not cleaned
He'll bark like crazy if not cleaned, holds it if he has to pee
He likes to sit on the sofa, likes the music that is played
Sleeps with his legs upwards, seems like as if he is dead
He jumps with joy when I reach home and hide underneath the table
Until I clean the house thats messed up and get rid of the ruined cable
He destroys whatever he likes, my sunglasses and specs are gone
My new shoes remains new no more, my important documents were torn
He secretly sneaks inside the bed at night to take the blanket away
Else he will be messing around with socks, if he is bored to play
He chases cat when he is out, plays with kids as they shout
He is a darling and he understands me
Keeps quite when I am sad and plays when I am happy.(Sagarmani)

Monday, January 18, 2010

Seeking Solitude

Seeking solitude in the crowd
I run in the traffic between screaming horns
Longing for peace from deep within
I leave behind my blood stained footprints
Searching for compassion
I see needy playing games
They loot, kill and steal
To hurt my heart
I explore to find if there is some sanctity hidden.
Parks are full, trees are slaughtered down to death.
Its been long I have seen a blue sky
Stars winking at me..
Its dark in the daytime
Scary than the night
I may inhale death or the death inhales..
I seek love..it is trust I cannot find..
Lust, greed has overpowered
People galloping with the maximum speed..
Chasing, I don't know what.
There is no left or right.
No courtesy, gentleness.
Don't know if there is a start..and
If at all there is an end..
I have inquest to get a glimpse of that end
Where the strides will finally stop..
Maybe I'll find my solitude there..
Hurt, sad, numb, eyes filled with tears..(Sagarmani)