Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Don't Panic

Soft snow hitting the cheeks
The morning dew splashed in Skin
The urge to fly high
There is no reason for a smile
Dance when all alone
Looking at the mirror you feel shy on your own
The nervousness, the eyes searching for one glance
Lost in thoughts at every chance
Try and write something
don't get the right words
Try and tune a song
but no matching chords
Dreams come during the day
The experience of sleepless night
The fear of being seconds away
comes as a sudden plight
The best dress seems improper
No flaws discovered
If the worries vanish and you are flying up above
Don't panic, there is a chance
You've Fallen in Love.(Sagarmani)

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Silence Speaks

Dark & Gloomy I was all alone
It was no moon night & was pretty cold
The heavy rains were hitting the window pane hard
The lightning was severe, there was frequent spark

I couldn't watch TV the current went off
The mobile ain't working battery discharged
The whirlpool of wind blew the candle off
The curtains fell down and the lightning struck

A plight rushed inside me I could see a face
Staring from the corner wearing a white dress
Bloody eyes were rotten I could hear her breath
I couldn't react I was standing as dead

I heard a sound someone was knocking the door
I glanced at the watch it was half past four
I could hear a howl somebody was pleading outside
Begging for help with scary cries.

The lightning struck again she was not there
I ran to the door from the peep hole I stared
The same bloody eyes were waiting me outside
The mouth full of blood she was gulping inside

She was carrying a baby
My eyes couldn't believe they weren't ready
I was sweating to my lungs I screamed
Suddenly to wake up from a scary dream(Sagarmani)

Monday, December 29, 2008

Selfish Humans

We are so proud to feel
that we are concerned
We even cry for real
We discuss, we argue
we have opinions for all
But there is nothing else we dare to do.

We blame this one
We blame that one
We hardly look inside us
If anything happens
Where thousands are affected
We will be the one to run first.

If it happens to be
that only you and me
are walking on side of a road
A car comes and hit me
knocks off and kills me
You'll pray for my heavenly abode

You'll cry for some days
and mourn for some weeks
I have lost a good friend of mine
But deep down inside
You'll feel gratified
Thanking God, you didn't die

We all are humans
Selfish by nature
Love is what we only long for
When the time comes to give
We step back a bit
and see if somebody moves forward

The humanity is in danger
We have lost the Crux in anger
The love for which it was made
If we live for our ego
Proud like a hero
We will be living like dead.( Sagarmani)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

I am an Orphan....Help me!!!!

I was a wanderer
from the day I was born
hit by Sun and torrential rains
Craving for hunger
A gulp of Milk
Ignoring the rashes in pain

I have been sniffed by dogs
Thought to be flesh
My wounds had rotten to heal
I learned eating on the Streets
begging and pleading
I was dead from deep within

I was beaten by bullies
kicked by the police
I have been spit on when in my dreams
I cried out my anger
ran through the danger
But no one would listen to my screams

My body had worn out
Illness in plenty
The clothes I found had torn
I wished, I too had someone
who cared and the loved ones
If not abandoned when Born

I had no right to hope
as they wouldn't fulfill
I was a sin to the heavenly earth
Else would have got love as others
clothes that would cover
And not thrown to bins at birth

I am an orphan, Help me!!!!
I am an orphan, Help me!!!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Don't Complain

We always complain but we dream for glory
I am here gonna tell you a story
Of people, their lifestyle, their urge to live
Hold your breath as you may not believe

I was in college was searching for internship
Was recommended “Saheli”, was out of friendship
An organization formed by women in all
Commercial Sex Workers was what they were called

Initially I was nervous but I had to move forward
Legal aid and awareness was what I had to work
I met them all their children and lovers
I am gonna tell you what I discovered

There were women young and old
The only true fact was they had been sold
To sell their body against their will
Only to pay debts and the Keepers bill

If earned ten they ought to deposit five
To the keeper, only way to survive
The remaining money they eat and buy
A pouch of milk to stop their baby cry.

They are tortured by police and beaten by men
They only have tears and hope for heaven
Don't misconstrue they enjoy the pleasure
They gulp their tears with the pain they bear

They are many some beautiful some ugly
Some of them don't get to eat properly
They live clustered in 4/4 rooms
If they get sleep, they think it to be a boon

Some are not good looking its not by choice
They run for a rupee and can't rejoice
Even a cup of tea by the roadside
Forget the meals, for thirst they are devoid

Once it happened in front of my eyes
A girl was sold for 500 couldn't believe my eyes
Her uncle was broke, he wanted some booze
He sold the girl saying she was of no use

The Organization also maintains a small crèche
Where you can see innocent little faces
Waiting for Mama who is out to sell
Her body to get food for baby unwell

They still have an urge to live
They have a strong hope and they believe
They pray and dream that the things would change
Never about life they ever Complain.(Sagarmani)

Friday, December 26, 2008

A Prayer..

I pray, today O' Lord
not for the wealth and money
I pray for the revival of lost peace
for brotherhood and harmony

I pray not for good life
or for food to eat in plenty
I just pray to fill the hearts
with love as they are empty

I pray not for car and luxury
I'll walk until my last breath
I just pray for a helping hand
To wear this world a divine wreath

I pray not for pleasure
or things that gives me joy
I pray for the smile and glory
of every little girl and boy

I pray not for jewelery and diamonds
that glitters with everlasting shine
I pray for a change that would
save the deteriorating mankind

I can't pray for myself O' Lord
Selfishness has ruined this world
If at all you are listening to my prayers
Grant them for one and all. (Sagarmani)

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Just Smile…No matter why!!

Why can’t humans be like birds?
Flying with freedom beyond the boundaries
Why can humans be like doves?
The symbol of love for all countries

Why can’t the hatred vanish forever?
And Everlasting love prevail
Why can’t we share a little we’ve
Than run to take revenge

Why can’t everyone cry for others?
Heal their wounds in pain
Why can’t they stop satisfying ego?
Which will ruin but nothing would change

Why has the smile faded away?
We are supposed to be children of one
Why is brotherhood shattering away?
As if we are loner, without anyone

The world is ours, so are the people
We still hate and that’s unbelievable
Let’s spread the message of love and joy
By carrying a Smile, No matter why??

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It’s too late…

The Trauma seems epidemic
Water overpowering the sand
I was wishing it just drizzles
But it rained…

Shadowing the dreams of a villager
Ones in the cities and towns
The next moment can be of terror
And we can only mourn

We’ve fought with nature
And now it’ll fight back
The way we have destroyed her
It’s our turn to be attacked

We have cut her trees and ruined her air
We’ve destroyed her peaceful charm
She’s have had a lot of patience
And now she’ll not even warn

So be ready for the worst fellows
To turn your greens to yellow
Wait to breathe the last breath soon
You’ll die with your own blow.(Sagarmani)

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The End is near

She has lost her fortune
She has lost her dignity in life
She has forgotten how to smile
Her lacrimal glands are dry.

She’s been raped and tortured at every chance
Spilled by bullets in the wounded hands
She cripples still tries to hold
Her babies are now out of control

She howls within herself
She can’t bear the pain
She struggles every second to survive
She has given up, she is in shame

She has given us an Identity
That matters more than a name
But, what have we given back to her
Apart from pain and shame

She has given us the roof to live
And the things to fill our tummy
She has given us the place to work
But, what have we given to Mommy??

She is calling howling and crying
Why aren’t you opening your deaf ears?
If you are so involved in yourself
Get Ready!! THE END IS NEAR. (Sagarmani)

Monday, December 22, 2008

Let's Not Forget

Let’s not forget the pieces of flesh
Scattered unattended on the ground
Let’s not forget the blood of dead
Spilled all around

Let’s not just make it a bad memory
A bad chapter in life
Let’s not hope for peace anymore
Let’s act till we are alive

Tomorrow can be you and me
The victim of barbaric deeds
Let’s not just sit and mourn
It’s the time to proceed

Let’s not let the heroic deeds
And the heroes vanish in vain
Let’s not just sit and complain
It’s the time to change

Let us all come together and clean
Our home was dirty for long
Let’s throw the bad bugs out of home
To the place where they belong..(Sagarmani)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Learn to Live in fear

A sudden fear rushed inside me
My legs were trembling and stepping back
I opened the door, I could have stayed
I’ll have to move no matter what

I used to pray for peace
Every evening and morn
But now, we will have to live in fear
If not, you better learn

It’s not safe to close the eyes
Neither it is to open
My eyes are tired of seeing the blood
Howls and cries my ears have rotten

I can’t live in fear anymore
O’ Lord Help this soul survive
You’ll have to end this fear forever
Or leave the world to die.(Sagarmani)

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Where shall I hide the remaining peace???

Where shall I hide the remaining peace?
The grudges and violence the hunt for heads
Satisfying ego and hundreds are dead
The tears that’s filling an ocean
The hatred that’s spoiling the relation
I am unaware about what they want
Stone hearted they are and they are blunt
Destroying the sanctity they kill at ease
Where Shall I hide the remaining Peace?
Where Shall I hide the remaining Peace?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Mom is calling....

The blue sky is turning grey
White water is gone pungent
The purity of the air is polluted
Gutters filled in abundance

Sun is hitting hard in winters
Summer surprises with no rain
Autumn demands keep your self warm
Spring gives you only pain

The smoke has risen up there high
The earth is boiling and the rains sigh
The roots are struggling to snatch the minerals
The soil has gone infertile

Winds getting stronger to kill
The snow is melting fast
The mountains are changing its color
Greenery will no longer last

The Mother is tired she’s getting old
She warned in plenty & tried to console
She loves us she ain’t be told
But, now, children she’s lost control

To bear the weight of the concrete jungles
She can’t stand now she struggles
She can’t breathe, she gets chocked
Pukes her illness through volcanoes.

She cries out loud, sweeps the ocean high
Hoping at all my children will realize
Her children are busy fighting with their own
Deaf and Dumb to know their Mother is all alone.(Sagarmani)

Thursday, December 18, 2008


I am your common son, Mother
But being it makes me special.
I only have feelings for you
And these feelings are for real

I have not won gold for you
Nor have I won the wars
But, the feeling I have is true for sure
That what ever won is ours.

I have done nothing for you
Nor have made an effort to do
But the goose bumps I get when I sing for you
Is always meant to be true

I raise my head with pride mother
When your flag is above my head
You have given me an Identity mother
Without which, I am dead

So, I just cry out aloud

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


The Morning Breeze hits my cheek
Suddenly I wake up to see
The hands rolling over my hair
It’s my MOM with love and care

I grin; I smile to hug her twice
The very thought of her is so nice
I take a sip of tea she’s made
“God, this is heaven”, I simply said

We sit and chat, the happenings inter-se
The best friend God has ever given to me
She understands my heart through my face
I would lose myself in that divine grace

The lady of love, I am so glad
You have turned me from a child to lad
I crawled after you to suckle your breast
Now, I need is just a divine embrace. (Sagarmani)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

A Magic Wand....

I flipped the paper the early morn
To read the headlines and the people mourn
The brotherhood is shattered
Men killing men
Everlasting peace seems to be in vain

With every letter I glance
They don’t soothe but pinch and harm
There is bloody war in every chance
Men killing Men
With smiling charm

The bombs are like crackers
Celebrating the deaths in toll
We are quite and scared as usual
Cannot play our part don’t have any role

Closing eyes in danger here
Freedom is lost as if it was never there
The ego clash as a steel sword
Killing, Gunned, Murder
I read are the frequent words
Men killing men there is no end
Love, care and sympathy are words of shame

I wish I had a magic wand
I would change this paper into a beautiful song. (Sagarmani)