Monday, January 18, 2010

Seeking Solitude

Seeking solitude in the crowd
I run in the traffic between screaming horns
Longing for peace from deep within
I leave behind my blood stained footprints
Searching for compassion
I see needy playing games
They loot, kill and steal
To hurt my heart
I explore to find if there is some sanctity hidden.
Parks are full, trees are slaughtered down to death.
Its been long I have seen a blue sky
Stars winking at me..
Its dark in the daytime
Scary than the night
I may inhale death or the death inhales..
I seek is trust I cannot find..
Lust, greed has overpowered
People galloping with the maximum speed..
Chasing, I don't know what.
There is no left or right.
No courtesy, gentleness.
Don't know if there is a start..and
If at all there is an end..
I have inquest to get a glimpse of that end
Where the strides will finally stop..
Maybe I'll find my solitude there..
Hurt, sad, numb, eyes filled with tears..(Sagarmani)