Friday, April 10, 2015


I sit blank…
The pointed knife of emotions piecing my heart
Which resists the wound to its epitome
And the tear oozes…..
Chocking the happiness, plans and the so called life
Points at me and laugh..
You boast that now you have everything to lead me.!!!
But where is the happiness? The basic ingredient.!!!
And I search in every nook and corner of my memory
Interrogating about where did I go wrong??
When did I last become relaxed and happy?
Where did I fuse the chord to living??
And there are flashes of memories
Which just chokes and tears no more
Realizing…I just Ran…Ran like a Cheetah
Striding the farthest steps I could..
Illusioned…that happiness is in the diffusing horizon
And I am just few large gallops away
Achieving it..
When happiness was just inside my heart..

Pierced by an imaginary sword… Sagarmani

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