Friday, September 14, 2012

Sagar K Waves...journey with the team

They new sacred little faces when I first saw them..
They were curious and had lots of questions..
New bunch enthusiastic to their core
Blending with the experienced ones..
worked as never before

From the dawn to the eventide..
To the time it was pitch dark night..
Their courage made me move ahead
They gave me the confidence it is not self made.

Be it normal working or one with tight deadline..
They made me feel the work was theirs but success all mine..
And time when we all had fun..
Others envied and we rejoiced..
Why not??? because we put our heart and soul to whatever we did..
I know without me also you guys will be fantastic..
There are many things I'll miss after I am gone and in many ways..
But the most I miss will be "Sagar K Waves"

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